11 Effective Blogs

11 Effective Blogs

There are some blogs which are proven to be effective.  If you are considering building a blog, you might want to choose one of these types:


Most people like listing of things, e.g. top 10 worst movies, top 5 best selling books or 5 most popular valentine day gifts, etc.  They always seem to attract people’s attention.  Here is an example of a good listings.  It has thousands of visitors everday.


It is successful because people who invest in Bitcoin can come and check the price to see how well their investment is doing.

How-to or expert advice

Many people use a search engine to search for information they need on the internet every day.  It is good to learn from people who are experts on a certain subject.  YouTube is the best platform for doing this because it is easier to understand when someone demonstrate it in real action how to do something.  They say “a picture is better than a thousand words.”

If you are thinking about building a blog in this category, you can use YouTube videos to direct the visitors back to your blog. One of the most famous How-to websites is wikiHow.com; they have every subjects that you can think of.  WikiHow is one of the most successful blogs in this category.

Opinions and comments

You can comment on news or anything which is happening in your industries.  Or may be news in your own country.  People will join in the discussion when they have something to say.  You should just give your honest opinion and should be genuine.

When there is some big news happened in the world, lots of people will be searching for it.  Example, like a plane crash, flooding or any other major disaster.  You can get lots of traffic in a short burst, but afterwards, it will die down in a few days.


This is one the hottest subject.  With the new website called Twitch.tv, they show all the most popular games that currently people are playing.  If you have a blog which could showcase these games with insider view, or you can give your visitors something to take away, like game tips, strategies, techniques and game info.

You can build a forum for discussion on some of these most popular games, you should be able to get a good following when you know what you are doing.

Product review

Everyone is a reviewer nowadays.  You can review anything you like, examples are mobile phones, movies, books or programs on the internet.  It is because scams are extremely common on the internet and hence these kinds of reviews are becoming very popular.  They help people to stay away from scams or crappy products.  When you give good reviews, you will be trusted by your reader and you should be able to get return traffic.  They will click on the product links and buy something and you will get the affiliate commission.


Everyone love photos.  If you can take nice photographs, you could either sell your photos on other websites or put up your own blog to sell them.

I suggest you put up your own website, for you can have total control of what you want to do.  Also, you will have a higher profit margin without the middleman.  The only drawback is it will take more time to maintain your website.

Giveaway and Coupon

We all love discounts and giveaways.  Discounts from any department stores will attract tons of people.  Coupon discount sites are getting more popular, but you have to connect with the retailers to be able to do this. It is a different business with just blogging.  It is not a purely online business since you have to get customers off-line.

You have to put up pictures and catalogues to promote products and always keep up with the latest news on discounts and bargains, and update your website accordingly.  So you will need to work on it more often.


If you have very good six sense then this is for you.  If you get a few close predictions and you got yourselves a lot of followers.  The start of the year is the most popular month for you to make predication for the year.  Some predictions attract lots of people’s attention, like when is the end of the world.  Whether some famous women or actress are having baby boy or baby girl.

Some people say they can predict lotto results, I doubt it.

Interview of celebrities

People followed their idols.  If you can interview any celebrities and just ask them a few simple questions, then you can post it on your blog.  You will attract visitors with a couple of photos together with the celebrity.

Interview with people within your own industries is also good.  You can showcase the latest news within the sector. A new product, new inventions or latest developments within your industry.


If you have different point of view on most things, you can debate it wholeheartedly on your blog.  Be prepare to upset someone while you are doing that.  Also prepare for some rude comment your visitors will make.  Do not take it personally, it is a job you have chosen for yourselves.

Your personality will have to show in your blog to make it interesting.


The good old story blog.  We like stories when we were children.  We all have read some very nice books and stories which are evergreen. Books which published many years ago are still being read by everyone.

It is a good way to tell your stories and make money, instead of doing the hard work trying to sign up with a publisher.  Publishing your articles or short stories on your own blog is simple and easy.  If you have already written a book, then you could sell it in your own website.


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  1. I’m just a beginner, trying to learn about affiliate marketing, this step by step tutorials is easy to understand. Thank you so much! I hope I will become successful in this. Million thanks in advance. God bless.

    • Hi Rose,

      Thanks for your comment. Building a reputable website takes time. Success will come when you keep working on it.

      Yours sincerely,

  2. Just came across your site, you have some great idea’s on creating an effective blog. This will definitely help someone who is looking to start a blog, but not sure what kind of a blog. Great job on your site, I’ll book mark it to come back too. 🙂

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