What is Niche Market?

What is Niche Market?

What is Niche Market?  It is a question that most beginners asked when they first started to learn Internet Marketing.  A niche market simply means a specific smaller portion of an overall market.  For example, if the market you are interested in is bicycle.  Then a niche market could be performance bicycle, or folding bicycle.

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What is the idea of a niche market?

Why do we want to focus on a small niche market?

Imagine if you go into a bicycle store which has everything, from children’s bicycles to high performance bicycles.  Where do you look?  It will take time to find exactly what you want.  You might ask a storekeeper and they will tell you where you can find what you want.



An online store is different, you have no one to ask.  Many people don’t have the patience to search on your website to find what they want.  They will leave your website very quickly, unless they have visited your website before.

Therefore it is more logical to focus on a niche market, customer who are looking for performance bicycle will find what they are looking for as soon as the webpage open up.  Bingo!

There are some other benefits in focusing on a niche market.

1. You will be able to get sale easier.

Since your visitors is interested in exactly what you have on your website, so they tend to engage better with your content.  It will be a better experience for them, so it is easier to make a sale.  Who want to search through all sorts of rubbish to find what they want?

2.  You can become an expert quicker and easier

You focus only on one type of product, so it will take you less time to become an expert.  Visitors will trust you more if you know what you are doing.  Otherwise you spread yourself too thin, it is not good if you know a bit of everything.  You get more referrals when you become an expert and got a good reputation.

3. You need less content on your website.

It is easier for you to get better ranking for your website when you focus on a specific market.  If you have 10 types of products, how many pages/posts you have to build.  How much time you have on your hands?  Therefore niche marketing is more suitable for individual affiliate marketer.

4. Faster website loading speed

You website will load faster with less content.  You don’t want your visitors to leave before it takes too long to open up.  Also if you need to pay someone to do SEO for you, it will cost you less money.

So now you know you need to focus on a niche market, but you are not sure what niche you should do.

I have a list of suggestions:-

Cheap soccer jerseys, 6386 Searches, 187 completing pages
Travel medical insurance, 9057 Searches, 218 completing pages
Xbox 360 video games, 9739 Searches, 162 completing pages
Baby car seat accessories, 26912 Searches, 131 completing pages
Best tablet computers, 3968 Searches, 173 completing pages
Hot girl, 46267 Searches, 211 completing pages
Build a online store, 4714 Searches, 185 completing pages
Baby gates for stairs, 3366 Searches, 146 completing pages
How to draw animals, 5612 Searches, 206 completing pages
Ideal home base business, 5173 Searches, 205 completing pages
Ground turkey recipes, 10472 Searches, 205 completing pages
Kids learning games, 4678 Searches, 194 completing pages
Type 2 diabetes treatments, 251597 Searches, 202 completing pages
Cheap tires for sale, 7925 Searches, 156 completing pages
Slow cooker recipe, 4613 Searches, 228 completing pages
Rheumatoid arthritis treatment, 237030 Searches, 208 completing pages
How to stop from snoring, 9941 Searches, 179 completing pages
Cros for Men, 4621 Searches, 169 completing pages
21st Birthday gifts ideas, 3249 Searches, 166 completing pages
Birthday gifts for women, 4195 Searches, 166 completing pages
Free knitting patterns, 35902 Searches, 165 completing pages
Cooking games for girls, 68255 Searches, 192 completing pages

The reason I picked these for you is because they have high search volumes and few completions.

These niche might not be suitable for you, but this should give you an idea what to look for.  To find a good niche with high search volume and less competition. You need to use a keyword tool.

Anything with thousands of searches and less than 200 completion is good.

I have couple of free keyword tools than you can use – Free Keyword Tools.

Looking for a new niche is like searching for gold with your metal detector.  You need time and patient.

There are many places you can search, social media, newspaper, TV, magazine and might be you will have a new idea when talking to your friends.  So open you eyes and listen with your ears, information are everywhere.

Leave me a comment if you need any help with your niche.

Have fun.


What is Niche Market? — 4 Comments

  1. Hi MisterWailor,
    I have a question about finding a good Niche for my website.
    I have searched alot in amazon for the best seller products and low number of pages at google search. But when I check the google keyword planner, it shows the high competition for my topic.
    Would you please help me to solve my problem?
    Thanks alot

    • Hi Nazila,

      Your problem is Google search doesn’t have the same result as Google Keyword Planner. I would not trust Google Keyword Planner, it includes unrelated results. It could be Google wants to charge more for their advertising on Google Adwords. (More competitions mean you have to pay more to advertise on the first page.)
      When everyone search on the internet, they only use Google search. So it is the only one which matters. If you are sure that it gives low competition on Google search, then that is your answer.
      You could try other keyword tools to confirm. There are lots of free keyword tools on the internet. Or I can recommend you to try Jaaxy keyword tool which I can definitely trust. They offer free accounts, but only give you 30 free searches. Click here to sign-up.
      If you need my personal help, email me the keywords at stephen@learnaffiliatemarketingonline.org and I will check it out for you.

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