Putting Pages on Sidebar and Footer

There are occasions that you want to put some pages on the sidebar or footer:

  • You run out of space on the top Menu
  • You think it looks better with  “About Me”, “Privacy Policy” or “Disclaimer” page on the sidebar or footer.
  • You want your whole Menu to be on the sidebar and not on the top.

It is quite easy to do.

First you create a custom menu, for this example I create custom menu called “Other Pages”.
Click Appearance – Menu – Create a New Menu as shown below.

a new menu


After you created your new menu, you can put the pages into it.  As shown below, now I have my new menu called “Other Pages” and inside the menu I have “About Me” and “Privacy Policy”.  Then remember to save the menu.

Other pages


Next, I put this menu into the sidebar.  Click Appearance – Widgets, then you put a “Custom Menu” widget in the sidebar, as shown below.  You have to enter the Title Name and also on Select Menu – select the menu that you want.

custom menu



This is how the finish product will look like on the sidebar.

sidebar menu

So you see it is very easy to do.
If you want to put the menu in the footer, you follow the same procedure. Instead of putting the “Custom Menu” in the sidebar, you put the “Custom Menu” in the footer areas.  Made sure the theme you are using has footer area, otherwise you cannot do it.

In this Twenty Eleven Theme that I am using, there are three footer areas.

Footer Area One will be on the left hand side of the footer area.  Footer Area Two will be in the middle, and Footer Area Three will be on the right hand side.

Instead of having your Menu on the top, you can put your menu in the sidebar or on the footer.  The procedure is exactly the same.




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