Google Tools

Google Tools

There are a few Google Tools which you can use to check you website to see if there is any problem, help Google to understand and index your website and also a tool to track the number of visitors to your site.

When Google is able to successfully index your website.  They will stored the keywords relating to your site.  Someone do a search with those keywords, your website will show up on the search results.  Therefore, until they have indexed your site, it won’t appear on search result.

 Rich Snippets

Snippets is the few lines of text that appear under the search results.  They are designed to give users a hint of what is on the page.  So they have a small preview before clicking and going into the website. You can put in your website something called microdata, which will help Google understand your website and to show rich snippets.

If you have one of these sites below, you can program it to show Rich Snippets:

Here is an example of a rich snippets, there are events listing under the search result.

Rich Snippet Example

Rich Snippet Example





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There is a tool included with rich snippets is structured data testing tool,

You can use this tool to test your website to see if there are problems with the structure of you data. Use the same link above if you want to learn more.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is use to help get your website index by Google, you can submit a sitemap.  It will help Google to understand the structure of your website.  It also provide some statistical data for you to analyse as well.

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Google webmaster tool







Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used for keeping track of website traffics, it can report to you real time how many visitors is current viewing your pages.  It could also tell you which country they are from, what browsers do they use and a bunch of other information.  So that you know which website is attracting how many people, per day, per month or etc.  So that you could modified your website to get more traffic.

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Google Analytics











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