Where To Find Free Images

Where To Find Free Images

Do you know where to find free images for your website?  Images are very important for your site.  To build a nice looking website, you need to put some images on your pages.  Depend on how long your articles are, you need at least two images if your articles are short.  If you have longer article, you might consider more images and space them evenly down the page.

Everyone loves pictures.  That is the first thing that they look at when they first see your web page.  If your page have no image, then it looks very blank and unattractive.  Images help to support your content visually.  Beside using the images in your articles, you can use them in your header.  I have an article which teaches you how to design header image.

Here is an example of a header I designed myself.

Learb Affiliate Marketing Logo







Where can you find free images?

Here is a list of websites that you can get free images.

  • unprofound.com
  • freestock.ca
  • picjumbo.com
  • gratisography.com
  • pixabay.com
  • morguefile.com
  • unsplash.com
  • littlevisuals.co
  • nos.twnsnd.co
  • www.publicdomainpictures.net
  • splitshire.com
  • www.1millionfreepictures.com
  • pickupimage.com
  • publicdomainarchive.com
  • jaymantri.com
  • magdeleine.co
  • www.flickr.com/photos/britishlibrary/
  • www.imcreator.com/free
  • photopin.com
  • pixelperfectdigital.com


Before you post the photos from these website, you need to find out the Terms and Conditions.  You don’t want to get yourself in a lawsuit.  Some are totally free with no string attached, you can donate some money to them.  Others you need to give credit to the photos and have a link back to them, also credit the individual photographer who took the picture

Here is an example of how to give credit and a backlink to their website.


Free image provides by http://freestock.ca
Photographer: Kat Van Skiver











There are so many free images online that you can use, but you might not be able to find what you need.  The other alternative is to buy images.  The images that you need to pay for are usually more professional than the free ones.

Here is a list of website where you can buy your images.

  • dollarphotoclub.com  – $1 for each photo.  You need to sign up and pay a monthly subscription of $10, you have get 10 photos.  After the ten photos, you will have to pay extra if you need more.
  • www.shutterstock.com – the photos on this website is more expensive.  A monthly membership is $249, where you can get 25 images a day per month.
  • fotolia.com – there are pay as you go plan or a monthly membership of $249 per month.
  • www.bigstockphoto.com – you can sign up for a free trial.
  • freefoto.com – some photos are free and some high quality ones that you need to pay.
  • www.stockvault.net – photos are pay for by donation, but some photos belong to shutterstock and quite expensive.
Allergic to work I can shop online


Sometimes, you want to have a message inside your photo.  Like the ones I shown you above.  It is a very good way to convey your message to your reader.You don’t have know how to draw pictures, but you do need a drawing software which you can insert the text into the photos.

The one on the left I created with Windows Paint.  The one on the left I created with Clip Studio Paint which cost me $50 for the software. You can create very professional images or manga with this software.If you are good with artwork, you can invest in a professional software like Adobe Photoshop.  Then you can create banners, logo, artwork and even simple animation to build a very good looking website.

Size of images

I recommend the minimum size of the image 300 x 300 pixels.  If your image is too small, they don’t look too good.  Your visitors cannot see the details in the image.  It is a good practise to have images which span the width of your article.  If the image is too long, you might consider cutting it down a bit to fit the page.It looks more professional to have images of same sizes.

You need to experiment to see what is the best size for your image on your website, because your theme dictates the look of your website.  Also what size image to fit on your sidebar.The same is true for the banners.  Different companies provide different size banners.  Knowing what is the best size of image is important, then you can resize the banners to your requirement.


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