Website Hosting and Tools

Website Hosting and Tools

We want to build website, but who is going to host our website?  I will give you some website hosting and tools which are in the market.  You can choose the one you like.

There are many companies who offer free website hosting, and they also have the tools for you to build your website.  I listed 6 of them, but there are plenty more out there.

Since  it is free hosting, the support might not be very good.  I have tried Blogger myself and I struggle to publish my website.  Unless you are very good with computers, then it is good.  There is another way, you could join some company who give training, host your website and give you good support.

Now, before we go on to how to build website.  You need to join up with one of those company above, so you have the website hosting and the tools.  After you have done that, come back here to continue with the lesson.

Building you first website:

If you are ready. I will take you into Wealthy Affiliate to attend a website building lesson.

website building 1







Here is a second website building lesson.

website building lesson 2







Now, you know how to build website.  You have to practice it on the platform or software that you are using. It is a bit of learning curve on how to use those website building software. Try building a couple of websites to be more familiar with it.

It doesn’t matter if your site doesn’t look good or impressive.  You will improve over time.  It is more important to have good content which is what your visits want.  When a visitor come to your website and found what they are looking for, you think would they care whether you site looks good or not?

Putting images on your website:

Now I am going to teach you how to find and attach images to your site.  So I let us go to Wealthy Affiliate once again.

where to find image for your website 






Now you have built your first website and you published it on the internet. Try using Google Search to search for it.  What is the ranking of your site?  On which page of Google Search does it appear?  Or you could not find it at all.  Doesn’t matter if you could not find it, I have that experience too.  Carry on with the lesson and I will teach you how.

If you are ready for the next lesson…..

website hosting and tools