Combining Title & Tagline and Header Image

Combining Title & Tagline and Header Image

You want to have a attractive Header Image, but you find that it occupied too much space.  Especially when you have the Title & Tagline together.  What can you do in this situation? I give you an example below, see how it occupied a lot of space.

big header image


You can combine the two together.  It is very easy to do.

First thing you do is to find out how big the Header Image should be.  Click Appearance – Customize -Header Image.  As shown below.

header size

As you can see the size of the image should be 1000 x 288 pixels.

Then we can start up Windows Paint program and create an image of the same size.

You can do all sorts of fancy things and create an image that you would like.  Easiest way is just cut and paste images into Paint to make something you like.

For this example here, I will use the same image.

After that, you click Appearance – Customize – Header Image – Add new image, and choose the image you just created.


You have to hide the Site Title & Tagline, by choosing Site Title & Tagline, and un-tick the “Display Header Text” option.

This is the end result of my work.

small head image and titleYou can see that it occupies less space and looks a lot better than before.  Just use your imagination and you can create something nice.

In fact, you can create some very fancy Title and Header Image with simple cut and paste technique.  It is your own masterpiece. Have fun!

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