Create A Profitable Amazon Niche Site

Create A Profitable Amazon Niche Site

The most profitable niche sites are product review sites. When someone wants to look for review of a product is when they want to buy the product.  Therefore, it is more likely to get a sale.

The first thing you need to consider is what kind of product you want to promote.  What is your niche?  You need to know what people want to buy online.  The product people are looking for might not be the product you want to promote.

There are things that people will not buy online, e.g. certain musical instruments, cars, expensive watches, expensive jewellery and things they can pick up at their local stores and supermarkets.  So it would be best if the product you review could not be found offline.  So before you decide on your product, it is better to find out by asking your friends or family if they would purchase this product online.

You can use a keyword tool or Google Trends to find out what people are looking for.  The best is trendy new products.

Amazon is one of the best affiliate program to join, or you might want to join the latest Aliexpress affiliate program by Alibaba.

How to find the best products

To find a good product of your choice, you need to go on to Amazon website. For example, you are looking for headphone. You need to look for headphones which have high number of review and good ratings, as shown below.

Sennheiser HD598 headphones











This headphone has 1898 reviews and 4.5 stars.  Besides the review, you want to choose something with a decent price, not $5 or $10.  Otherwise, you wouldn’t be making much in commission.

Here is a good video which will show you the important steps to build a review website.

How to write product reviews?

The best way is you get a product and create your own personal review, but most time we are not able to do it due to financial constraint.  What we can do is read all the review of this product online and do a summary.  Make sure that you present both pros and cons of the product.

When writing review, if you can appeal to the readers emotion then you will be more successful.  As well as understand your target audience is crucial. Use the same language and vocabulary that they would use.  Make it more interesting and they will come back for more.

As mentioned in the above video, two “call for action” is necessary.

Another suggestion is you can include at the end of the page a cheaper and a more expensive product if this is not the one they want.  In this way, you will be able to keep the customer longer on your website, hence more chance to make a sale.

“Hey, if this headphone is a bit too expensive.  How about a cheaper model…..?”


Create A Profitable Amazon Niche Site — 2 Comments

  1. Good Article on the Subject to suggest about to start a Profitable Amazon Niche Site.

    You are right, because Amazon is the best Affiliate Marketing to start and Niche site is always Easy to work with.

    I started my first Niche site-Ease Bedding around 10 months ago and it is growing slowly-slowly. Making decent amount of Money.


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