Pillar article and SEO

Pillar article and SEO

What is pillar article?

A pillar article is an exceptionally good article which is usually longer than 2000 words.  The reason it is called pillar article is because it supports your blog.  This article should have evergreen content – content which will never be out of date.  Some people think pillars article should be a tutorial or a how-to lessons, but I don’t agree.  As long as this article has lots of good information and when people read the article they will be impressed.

Why do we need pillar articles?

The purpose of pillar article relates to what we called “content marketing”.  So we use good content to appeal to our visitors.  When they read this article, they will say, “Wow, this is great!” Then they started to share this article with their friends.  It will bring more and more visitors to your website as it get more shares.  Gradually, the search engine will notice your website, since people are linking to your article – they bookmarked your site. Also other websites will links to your website as well if they like your article – you have gained many backlinks.

The ranking of your website will improve, there will be more and more traffic coming to your site.  One pillar article is not enough, it would be good if you have a few more nice pillar articles.  You will become the authority in your niche.

Length of article and design

Research shows that longer articles got share more on social media, therefore the length of your article should at least have more than 2000 words, longer is better.

Besides length, your website has to look good.  You need to layout the content together with ample amount of images to make it look good.  People judge how good your article is by the look first before they decide to read anything.  Images are important, it attracts people’s attention.

Beside images, you can also use banners which you design yourself or advertising banner.  Set these at end of paragraphs so readers can have a break in between.  You will gain more trust when you website is well presented.

Backlink and SEO

SEO is all about linking.  The more people link to your website, the better ranking you will get.  Links can come from all area, as long as it is relevant.  Relevant means that the site which link to your site should have similar or same niche and content.

You should not buy links from link rental companies – they charge you a monthly fee to set up links to your website.  Since a lot of people is doing it, so the links are all similar and Google can identify these links.  It will hurt your website and you will get penalized.  You need to build link the natural way.  That is people will naturally link to your website when you have excellent content.

The backlinks which you get from the sources below are not as good.  You might even get penalize is Google doesn’t like the websites where you get your backlinks.  They used to be good, but now Google is getting smarter and they don’t work so well now.  These could still work in some context, but I will discuss this in another article.

  • Article directories, like Street Articles, Article Alley, Ezine Articles and Articles Base, etc.
  • Web directories, like DMOZ, Active Search Results, Incrawler, Splash Directory and Octopedia, etc.
  • Blog Comments, comments from other blogs.
  • Web 2.0 links, like WordPress.com, Squidoo, Hubpages, Blogspot and MySpace, etc.
  • Blog networks, a group of blogs that are owned by the same company or related companies.


It looks easy, just produce an amazing article and you will get your backlinks.  How do we produce an amazing article?  The first step is – do your research.

Research your article

You need to do research base on your niche.  Some people think you can be successful in any niche, which is somewhat true, but not entirely true.  You cannot simply think, okay I want to do this niche – for example baking cakes.  If you know nothing about baking cakes, how are you going to write an amazing article.  You cannot even write an article talking about something you don’t know.  Your readers are smarter than you think.

You can try, but it will not be any good.  If you have to learn it from scratch, how long will it takes you?  Three months? Six months?  It is just not feasible for someone who is building his/her first blog.

If you already have a successful blog, and you want to branch out to do something else.  Then it would be okay, you can take your time and learn.

There are several ways you can get ideas and materials.

  • libraries
  • first page of Google search results
  • forums
  • vbulletin
  • Reddit.com
  • Article directories

When you are doing research, gather details as much as you can.  You need this to impress your readers.  It might take you a bit of time doing it, but it will be worth it at the end.

When you are writing your content, remember to stick to the topic.  Be specific, but you need to include every tiny details so it is more in-depth about the subject of discussion.  You will be see as an expert when you have more depth in your article.  It shows to your reader that you are good in your subject and they will trust you more.  That is the reason why I said you cannot be successful in a new niche that you knew nothing about.  If you are new to the topic, you would not have that kind of expertise?

Go and get links

Hopefully, after you published your article people will notice.  Generally, it will not happen this way.  You have to advertise it on social media, like Facebook, Google+ and tsu, etc.

The other method is to ask high ranking website in your niche for links.  You can send an email to the poplular website in your niche and ask them for a backlink.

I will continue with this backlink subject in another article.




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  1. Hey Admin!

    I have a question!

    If I write a Pillar Post and embed my affiliate links within my content, will it be taken positively by my readers? Will they appreciate that?

    Thank You for sharing with us, I have learned so much.

  2. Thank YOu Mr. Mister Wailor for your nice and enrich article about Pillar article and SEO. YOu describe here the importance of pillar article which greater than 2000 thousands words. The article must be SEO and user friendly. YOu give information about link building and back link policy. YOu share about how to research your niche. I am a new affiliate marketer. I want to know how many pillar article needed for a affiliate site or no limit. HOw many reviews article also. You can send e-mail also me for further update.

    Md. Al-Amin

    • Hi Md.Al-Amin,

      You can do as many articles as you can and there is no upper limits. The more the better. For building back links, you can buy from Fiverr for $5. I found that it help my site ranking.
      The best way to learn is to join Wealthy Affiliate first. There are things that you cannot learn just by yourself.


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