Most common mistakes

We all get better with experience.  As we first start building our website, sometimes we want to rush and get it publish.  So knowing these common mistakes will help us do a better job and we will have a more professionally looking website.

1. Spelling and grammatical mistakes

Spelling mistakes make your website looks bad.  It undermine your credibility as people will say, “you don’t even know how to spell. How can I trust you.”  Some people suggested to read your paragraphs out loud.  You have to proof read it at least a couple of times before you publish it.

Another way is you can type it in Microsoft Word and use the spell check and grammar tool to help you.

2. Long paragraph 

Your paragraph is too long and it goes on and on.  It is very hard for anyone to read long paragraph, especially older people.  They will just leave your website if they find it hard to read.

The best layout is to have 3-4 sentences in smaller paragraphs. Like what I have on this page.

3. Un-attrative blog post titles

Your blog post title or headline is very important as it is the first impression of your website.  It has to be related to your content.  Make you title a little bit more interesting.

4. Not enough information

A little bit more information on your “About Me” page is important.  It will let your visitors to get to know you a little and build more trust; include a photo of yourself will help as well.

In my opinion, do not sell on this page.  Just tell your visitors why you build this website.  If you really want to sell, just slip in a small note with one of two sentences and a small text link.

5. Light text on a very dark background

It is very hard to read for your visitors especially for the older people.  Unless you are building a website just for young people.  The other mistakes is the background has too many graphics or images.  It is very difficult for your visitors to concentrate to read your content.

I have experience of someone who has colour blindness complaining about my text colour and background.

6. Not posting frequently enough

You need to post more often.  At least once a week to keep your visitors coming back to your website. If the duration is too long between post, they will forget about you.  Set a schedule for your posting.  Some people prepare materials in advance so they could take a break once a while if they need to.

7. Links doesn’t work the way it should

How bad is it when someone click on the link and it doesn’t work?  Very bad.  It could be an affiliate link to direct them to the merchant.  As a result, you lose your sale.

8. Too many gadgets

If you have too many things on your page, for example too many windows or too many links. Your visitors would be confused and don’t know how to navigate within your site.

9. Mixing of topics within a page

Your visitors will get lost too, if you mixed 2 or 3 subject within a single page.  You should at least focus on your main topic.  Talking about something else once a while is okay, but don’t do it all the time.

Also, the advertisement you put in your website should relate to the content of your blog.


Most common mistakes — 4 Comments

  1. Hello,

    I am new to affiliate marketing and I am trying to learn the process. This site is really helpful especially for the contents. I have found step by step guideline. Now I got a clear concept about affiliate marketing. But I have a question. I am from Bangladesh. Is it possible to create any account on Amazon or something like that from Bangladesh ? If possible please show me the way.


  2. Hello,

    Well, I am trying to learn affiliate marketing from last few months, but I am finding it very difficult, especially the conversion part, as I am not able to attract any sales expect one or two.

    Although I am learning it quickly, and Now, I can say, I made a mistake by picking products without enough research and also, I reviewed the product without even using it, so all this resulted in failure.

    But I hope, I will improve on my skills and will succeed in Affiliate marketing soon.

    • Hi Rubel,

      Most of us make mistakes as a beginner. It is lessons that we need to learn. As long as you know your own mistakes and accept the mistakes. You will be able to move on and achieve the success you wanted. I post this “Most common mistakes” to help newbies to avoid these mistakes, so they will be able to succeed quicker. Don’t quit because you made a mistake.

      Here is a quote from Thomas Edison – “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

      I wish you all the best to come.

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