How to Upload a .pdf File

How to Upload a .pdf File

You can include an instruction manual or ebook for your visitors to download in your website.  It will give them something to take away – everyone like something free.  It will add value to your website.

Here are the steps on how to do that

1. Create the document on Microsoft Words.  You can include pictures and graphs in your document.

2. When you finished creating the document, click “Save As” and choose file type as .pdf.

3. There are two way to upload it.

  • as a text link
  • as an image link

Here are the examples, you can click on the text link below or the picture to open up the pdf file.

Why you want to join Wealthy Affiliate    (Text Link)

book cover
If you want to use a text link, just upload it the same way as you “Add Media” .

If you want to include the file as a picture as shown on the left hand side, you upload the text link, then you “Add Media” again and upload a picture file. You then copy the link from your text link and paste it inside the picture Custom URL.

You can also put it on the sidebar widget area (or bottom widget area). Just copy and paste the picture or the text link – put it into a text box inside a widget.


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