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When people first start learning affiliate marketing, they often waste time on things which are trivial.  For example, they will waste hours trying to set up Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics or Google+ Authorship.  They will waste their time checking for their site ranking everyday when they have only a couple of pages of contents.  They will complaint when their website ranking is not good and feel upset.

Instead they should be doing what is more important for the long term.  I now tell you what is more important and what is not.


  • a website with lots of good content
  • well written paragraphs with subtitles (not just one big chunks of words which are hard to read)
  • have images to spice up the content
  • content which are well written without spelling and grammatical mistakes
  • a website which is pleasing to the eyes
  • has at least 30 pages or posts
  • good numbers of internal links (links which reference to other pages within the site)
  • tested all the internal and external links are working
  • included social networking to promote the website
  • has good low hanging fruit keywords

Not important:

  • setting up Google Webmaster Tools
  • setting up Google Analytics and Google+ Profile
  • checking your ranking everyday
  • pay too much attention to keywords
  • include affiliate links too early at the beginning when there is hardly any traffic

Now I will explain to you why those things are important and those are not.

When your visitors come to your website, first thing they will judge is the look of the website.  If it doesn’t look good, some will leave immediately without reading you content.  So look is important.  The more pages you have, the better your ranking will be and you have more chance of getting visitors.

Low hanging fruit keywords will help you get the initial traffic.  Good content will help to engage your visitors and more chance of them coming back to visit again.  You need to do the social networking to promote your website, but be sure that you have enough content first.  Otherwise your visitors will see a site which is empty and they will never come back again.

Why setting up Google Webmaster  Tools, Google Analytics and Google+ Authorship are not important?  These tools are just to help you get your website index and give you statistical of how much traffic you have.  At the beginning you don’t have much traffic and therefore there are nothing much to count.  Even if you do not set up Webmaster Tools, Google will still index your website regardless – maybe just a few days later.  It doesn’t matter when you are building your contents.

In my experience, Google will pick up keywords that you are not evening trying to rank for.  So good content is important and do not stress too much on keywords.  Also when you don’t have enough traffic, putting in advertisement on your website is pointless.

You don’t need to check your ranking everyday.  It is better for you to spend time doing something productive.

So as a beginner, if you could spend your time focus on what is important and not wasting your time on those unnecessary things, you will get your success faster and easier.




Know what is important — 18 Comments

  1. MisterWailor, I have to tell you that I am super impressed with your website! To be honest, since I am very new at this, there are MANY words or statements that I have absolutely no idea what they mean at all. This makes it very intimidating for me. I have noticed, not just on your site, but throughout the training and other areas of WA, there are so many things that I just don’t understand and know nothing about. I just hope that as I train further, ALL OF THESE THINGS will be taught to me, if not, I will not be able to learn these things on my own and will be destined to failure. GREAT JOB AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!! THAT WAS VERY KIND AND CARING OF YOU!!!!!

    • Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for leaving me a comment.
      You will slowly learn all these at Wealthy Affiliate.
      I wish you all the best.


  2. As a fairly recent newbie myself, this is great! I think its easy to get distracted and caught up in too many things that pull you away from what is really important–CONTENT. Thanks for the good reminders!

    • Hi Kelly,

      Thank you so much for your comment. Yes, we need to concentration on building content.


  3. Excellent advice, that you obviously follow yourself. I hope many people will see this and take it to heart. There are entirely too many poorly written and organized websites around. This one was a pleasure to read, thank you.

    • Hi JoAnn,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving an encouraging comment.
      I agree with you, there are lots of poorly written websites.
      Have a nice day.

  4. Great read and good sound advice for the beginner. It’s so important for every beginner to get it right and not get sidetracked, learning daily what is important is paramount to success. Thank you.

    • Hi Lynne,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
      Yes, if you don’t get sidetracked. Success will be closer than you think.


  5. Hi Mr. Wailor, thanks for the article. I always concern on what should i do to promote my website. Now i know that i only need to concentrate on making and posting useful, quality content on my website.

    • Hi Wilton,

      Thanks for coming by and leaving your comment. It is true, concentrate on creating contents – it is the most important part of any website. They said “content is king.”
      When you have enough content on your website, you need to start promoting your website. After that, you can add your Google Tools.


    • Hi Margot,

      Thanks for your comment. I will try my best to put in more good content for my visitors.


  6. Great piece of advice! Some people stress too much on where their posts are ranking when they should be worrying about more fresh content.
    Keep up the good work!
    Have a great day!

    • Hi Burnzy,

      Thanks for your nice comment. People who start in affiliate marketing should not stress on their ranking in the early stage.


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