How to Use Comment?

How to Use Comment?

When you build your website, it is a good practice to has a comment section.  Visitors can leave comments and it will help your website ranking.  You can install a good commend plugin which engage discussion with your visitor.  If a visitor leaves a comment, and they tend to re-visit again to see what you have to say or replied to their comments.  So that is why you need a good comment system and how to use comment to your advantage.

Also people are likely to talk about your content when someone else has already commented and has a different opinion to them.  You will receive a better ranking when people are commenting on your site.

You need to know how to ask questions, so as to get them to give you an answer.  One thing is crucial, you have to reply to their comment as soon as you could otherwise they will lose interest.

The best comment plugin available:

  • Jetpack by WordPress
  • Disqus Comment System
  • Intense Debate
  • Facebook Comments
  • Comments Evolved

These are the most popular and the most used comment plugin.  For the Facebook Comments, the people who leave comment need to have a Facebook account.  People could share pages from your website to their Facebook account. Which helps to advertise your website.

There is a plugin you definitely need to have is the SEO Comments Plugin,  it will output your comments to Google index and it will help with your site ranking.

WordPress has  a built is comment system you might or might not like.

It is important to have a simple comment section, no one what to go through a long process just to leave a comment.  So do not put in things like registration, long Captcha image, or visitor has to fill in 5 or 6 fields.  The simpler the better.

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