Best Affiliate Marketing Tutorial

Best Affiliate Marketing Tutorial (How to improve your website ranking )

You will be getting the best affiliate marketing tutorial.  If you want to master this affiliate marketing business, keep learning.

As you might not konw, getting a first-page ranking is not that easy.  You will have to do a lot of work to achieve it.  Let me tell you some of the tricks  that I used myself.

1. Add more relevant content

Do you know Google loves content?  The more content your site has, the better – but the content has to be relevant to your subject.  For example, if you website is about basketball, you can talk about all kind of things relating to basketball.  Like stories of a basketball player, where to buy the best basketball, basketball training, basketball shoes and so on.  You will be able to build pages and pages of content.

When you are building many pages, what you should do is to target different keywords on each new page.  Hence, the chance of your website coming up is higher and higher.  Like originally, your main target keyword is basketball shoes.  If you have only one keyword, your page will only come up when someone search for basketball shoes.  Since you have built so many pages with different keywords, your page will come up when people search for basketball training, buy basketball, and so on….

In this way, your chance of getting page one ranking is higher, and the chance of your page showing up is higher.


2. Back Linking

Backlinks referred to hyperlinks pointing to your website.  If you don’t know what is Hyperlink, you can click this link:

This link above is a hyperlink, it is pointing to Wikipedia. When you click on it, it will direct you to Wikipedia’s page. This is a forward link and we are referring to contents in Wikipedia.

Your ranking will be higher if there are many links pointing to your website.  The reason is – if people are referring to materials on your website, you must have very good material that is worth looking at.

There are few ways to get back links to your website.  The first method is to write articles, or make videos.  Within the website where you have the article, there is a link pointing back to your site.  There are few places on the internet you can do that.

Want to learn more about the benefits of article writing, click here.

You could also exchange links with other people.  You put their link on your website and they put your link in their website. Normally, you give a brief introduction then post the link within the text.

To find out more on exchange links, click here.

If you don’t know how to do these back link, or you don’t have time to do it.  You could hire companies to do it for you.

3.  Internal Linking

Internal linking is you link to content on other pages within your site.

Search engines do not rank your website as one single entity.  They rank each individual page separate.  Therefore, it is possible to have one of your other page rank higher than your home page.  When your visitor land on this page, you have to give them exit links – either to go back to the home page of direct them to other pages.  Hence internal linking is useful in this respect.

Let go to Wealthy Affiliate to look at a video – Internal Linking Strategies for Rankings.


internal linking strategy for ranking









Let us summarize what you have learnt so far.

  • Why learn affiliate marketing
  • What is affiliate marketing
  • Affiliate marketing approach
  • Website building
  • Keyword and SEO
  • How to sign up Affiliate Programs
  • Google Tools
  • How to improve your site ranking


Now, you have learned all the basic of how to put up your website and make money.  I hope you have fun learning it so far.  You should put your idea and what you have learnt into practice.  Try it out and see what results you get.

Then you can come back and learn some more.  I have put the advance materials on the top menu.

I have included lessons for using WordPress as well, but if you could not find what you want you could visit



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  1. Hi,

    Very Nice Tutorial explained Step by Step. One thing is backlinks what you have provided in the tutorials is opening in the same window which is diverting from the learning path. It is better if they are opened in new tab.

    Thanks…i have enjoyed the tutorial.

    P.Vamsi Krishna

  2. It was very nice tutorial. Hats off to you sir.
    i hope one day, I will post the same on my website to guide new bloggers 🙂

    • Hi Keshav,

      You could always build a better website than this. All it takes is a bit of learning and a bit of effort. There is no secret to a good website.

  3. My name is Diane. I live in Heistenbach, Germany.I randomly stumble on

    I just want to say that I liked your blog post about “Best Affiliate Marketing Tutorial -“.

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