Multiple Domains Targeting Same Keywords

Multiple Domains Targeting Same Keywords

Is it a good strategy to build multiple domains targeting same keywords?

You are thinking of doing this, so that you will have more chance of getting a page one ranking with your target keywords.  You want to link all your domains together, so that you will have external links as well.  So that is your off-site SEO strategy.

In order to do this, you will need to build a few websites.  In each website you will have similar content and have pages or posts which target the same keyword.

I can tell you that it is a bad idea……….

Firstly, when you are doing this.  It will dilute your effort in building few websites instead of just one.  For example, if you have 3 websites.  For the same effort, each website will have one third of the total content.  You will not get a good ranking with each because you have less content than when you have only one.  Not to mention that you have to pay for the extra domain names, plus the extra time maintaining them.

For a website to rank well, you have build backlinks.  It will be repeating this if you have 2 websites.

Secondly, if you are going to use Google Webmaster Tools to index all the them in the same account.  Google is going to find out that you try to backlink yourself, and they will penalize you for doing this.  In Google’s term, you are trying to manipulate search result, which is a no no.  Then you will get a bad ranking for doing this.

Even if you use different webmaster account Google will still find out.  For you will have the same telephone or contact number, the same user names, email address and social media accounts and so on.  Besides that you probably using the same IP address when you log on to the sites.

Why I know?  Because I have done this before and my keywords get penalized.  That particular keywords have 300 websites competing, one of my websites was ranked at 900 – sitting in the wilderness and only god knows where.  The other ones, didn’t even appear at all when I search for that keywords. If I haven’t done that, the worst I will get is a 300 ranking.  What a laugh!  I was scratching my head and wondering what was going on for a month before I found out the real reason behind it. Geez!

Therefore you are much better off putting all your effort building only one website and make it as best you can.  You will definitely get a good ranking for you work.  It will be faster too, because you don’t have to spend time on the other websites.

Promote your website on the social networks when you are ready and you will get your website ranks higher very quickly.

For reference, you can refer to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines to find out more information on how to design your website properly.

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