Choose a Niche in 3 Simple Steps

Benny posted on Wealthy Affiliate today.  How do you choose a niche in 3 simple steps?  Learning how to choose a niche for your website is important for your success.

It is easy to choose your niche in 3 quick and easy steps.

  1. Choose a topic that you are interested in because you should be doing what you enjoy doing.  Or it could be something you have a strong interest in learning about. The reason is because you need to spend lots of time creating posts on this subject for your website.  Which includes all the works that you need to do, like advertising your website and also doing research for your posts.
  2. Find out if the niche you pick will make money for you.  The main objective of doing affiliate marketing is to make money.  Therefore, you have to know if there are many people who spend money on this niche, and what is the chance of making money.  Also, are there many competitors.  You can look up Google Trends to see how many people are searching online on this particular subject.
  3. How could you contribute to this niche?  Do you have anything unique which make you stand out from the crowd?  This is for building your individual identity and branding.  How could you post high-quality information and get the attention of your visitors? If you are copying content from other people, they are not quality contents.

My own comment:

This is a good post, it gave us an idea of the general steps in choosing our niche.  Yes, it is very important to choose a niche which we are interested in.  If we are doing something we don’t like, how are we able to convince other people?

The other good point is identity.  To be able to build a website which is different from your competitors is important.  No one wants to read exactly the same thing and the same idea over and over again, so you need to have fresh ideas or perhaps tell the same story in a different way.  Don’t copy from other people.

What I don’t like is the idea of choosing a niche is simple and easy.  In fact choosing a niche is not an easy task and shouldn’t be advertised as such.  Imagine if you picked a niche quickly and later find out that you have picked the wrong niche.  You might have already spent tens or hundreds of hours on it.  Would you want to give up on it and wasted all your effort?

Reason I am telling you this is I had experienced it first-hand and wasted time and money building a website which didn’t make money at all.  Also, I wasn’t really interested in the niche as I thought I was in the beginning.

Knowing what niche to pick is important to your success in the long term.  Spend more time and do more research before you decide.  I would suggest you spend a few days and think it over.  Ask yourself all the questions that you can come up with.

Here are some of the questions that you might need to ask including the information posted above:-

  • Why do you pick this niche?  (Is it for interest or you want to make money?)
  • How popular is this niche? (Popularity means more competition.)
  • Could you make it interesting, informative or educational? (This is branding yourselves and your website.)
  • Would you be interested in doing it for a long period? (If you regard it as a business, you might be doing it for a long time.)
  • Do you have a business plan?  (Example, how do you promote this business?  How much money you need to invest?)
  • Would this niche be popular few years later? (You don’t want to pick a niche which you could only do for 1 or 2 years.)

Don’t rush, take your time and pick a right niche.   I wish you all the best.


Choose Website Keywords – A Disappointment

Danny posts a blog on Wealthy Affiliate today.  “I chose the wrong website keywords for my site,” he said.  “I bought a new logo, a new WordPress theme, a domain name and plugins….., etc.  Then I found out that the keyword domain name that I chose is very hard to rank.”

“I checked the first page in Google search, the Website Keywords I chose have some very strong brand name, authority sites.  How is it possible to compete with them?”

“I am very disappointed; I should have done my homework properly.  I feel like I am wasting my time.”

“Do you have any thoughts on it, please share?”


Here are the suggestions from other Wealthy Affiliate members.

  • You can still do well.  You can look at what they have in these authority sites.  Use your own words and write some articles which are better than what they have.
  • Use you own unique style for your articles, which will engage with your visitors.
  • Don’t worry.  You have the knowledge and first-hand experience on the products.  Your first-hand knowledge means everything.  This is what your readers want to know; a quality recommendation before buying the product.
  • It is still too early to tell. You haven’t had enough content on your website yet.  Try your best and make it as best you can.
  • A personal touch and genuine knowledge are more important than brand name.  That’s the difference between you and the big brands,  it is your winning edge – get personal.

My view on this subject.

I  have looked at the keywords he is using.  There are 215 competing sites and the monthly searches are 333.

The keywords he chooses is okay, it has a reasonable monthly search.  The products he is promoting is in a very specific niche market.  The personal touch is a good suggestion.

Although it will be very hard to get good ranking for the keywords he chose, but like other members said, “it is still too early to tell.”  He needs to put in a lot of effort and build up his website; write more good quality posts.

Quality posts are the main ingredient in the success of a website.

When he has enough content on the website.  There are other ways that he can use to improve his website ranking, e.g. he can subcontract SEO works, promote on social media and use advertising, etc.

Beside domain name is not important in ranking – it was important in the past, but not anymore. Content is the most important element of a website, Content Is King.

Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  So don’t give up so early.

Get Google Ranking with Comment

Get Google Ranking with Comment

Today Peter posted on Wealthy Affiliate.  He said he don’t have time to post new content all the time, but he can keep his page one and you can do the same and get Google ranking with comments.

He said, “It is good if I could find the time to post new content every day, but due to my busy schedule, I am not able to do that.  That is the best way of running a business online. But there is another way that you can achieve this.  By creating more comment.”

“Comment will be seen by Google as social content.  Therefore, you can get a high ranking when you have more comments, which will give your website authority as people are engaged with you and your content.”

He continued, “Good comments need to be related to the articles.  Comments like, “I like your website.” Won’t be any good, they have to be at least 40-50 words.  It shows that your visitors are reading your articles and they are responding to your ideas.”

My comment on this issue:

It is true that comment is good for the ranking of our websites.  But people tend not to leave comments; only a small percentage of them do.  It is easy said than done.  Unless you are already the authority on this subject and you have been in this business for quite some time.

To a newcomer, this information doesn’t help anyone.

How do you generate and get more comments?


There are several ways.

1. Post on social media every day to attract visitors to your website, and tell them you like to have some comments.  Some people will give you what you want when you asked.

2. Get your friends to give you comments.

3. You can order a Fiverr blog comment, for $5 you can get someone to write 10 quality comments on you website.

4. There is one way I don’t like myself, but some do use it.  Sometimes when you received spam, you can edit and rewrite it into a good comment.  If you are really desperate.

5. Leave comments on other people websites and ask for comment in return. When you do this, it is best to target new websites.  Those who already rank well will probably ignore your request.  You should choose a website which targets the same or similar niche.  Or else it will not help your ranking.

Two important things when replying to visitors comments.

  1. Write a longer comment with reference to the particular post where the comment is.
  2. You can put in links pointing to your other page/post.  Preferably, your major funnelling post.


Update My Website

Today, Jacob blogged – I have not updated my website.  He said, “I don’t know much about ranking and stuff like that.  I believe my website is dropping in ranking because I have not updated my website lately.

I have no problem getting a page one ranking in the beginning for the subject I was posting.  Although I have no financial gain with it, but I was happy to see the result of my efforts.

But now, my site’s ranking is not where it used to be and now return visitors are less than before. I think I know why – they have no reason to read the same material again.  I have to give them a reason to come back.  Either I have new content or I give them something free – a giveaway of some sort.

So when you create your website, you need to make it into a meeting place.  So they would love to return to see what you have for them from time to time.  Then you will be successful in your business.”

 My Comment

I don’t believe that his website drops in ranking is because of he didn’t have new contents.  He might just be lucky at the beginning that Google had given him a good ranking.  I noticed that Google like to rank new websites a bit higher than old ones. I think Google put in this unpredictable algorithm, so one one can be sure what is going to happen.

As time goes by, they will re-evaluate your website and give you a appropriate ranking depends on your content.  So that is why he gets a good ranking at the beginning, and drops in ranking later.

It is true that if he has continue adding new content, he might be able to keep his ranking.  But it is not definite.  It could be the niche he has is too competitive, the new comer has better content than him and they will out-rank him quickly.

He is correct to say that you need to give something to your visitor to come back for.  So, how you structure your website and what content you put in is very important.  If you have a shop, people will come back and buy from you when you have good product.

If your content is only good for one time, and there is no reason for them to come back if you don’t have fresh content.  So think about this – what product can you offer so they have a reason to come back?

If you have any idea on this subject, please leave me a comment below.