Marketing Your Website

Marketing Your Website

After you have built your website, if you just wait for visitors to come.  There would not be many traffic.  You have to market your website, same as a traditional business where they market their company.  You have to let people know that you are open for business. So as to speed up the process and attract more visitors to your website.

There are several way to do this and it is best if you could do all of them.

PPC (pay-per-click) Marketing

You can sign up with Google Adwords or BingAds and they will put your website on the first page or the second page depends on how much you pay.  Before they put up your advistisement (which is your website), they will have to look at your website to see if it meets their criteria.  You cannot have a bridge site (bridge site is a site which only purpose is to divert traffic to another site).

You can set a limit per day as how much you can afford.   When the limit is reach and the advertisement will stop for the day.  Generally, you have to pay around $1 for very visitor who click and visit your website. If there is no visitors, you don’t have to pay.

PPC is good for bringing traffic to you website and you can target any keyword you want.  But be mindful that you might not make enough money to cover for the cost.

Let us go to Wealthy Affiliate to look at a video tutorial.

Pay-per-click advertising







Video Marketing

You can create video and post on Youtube to drive traffic to your website.  Let us go to Wealthy Affiliate to watch a video with regarding getting ideas what video you need.


video marketing






Here is another video which will give you more ideas and what benefit you get using video.


more video marketing






Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most common marketing method and long-term revenue generating technique.  I am sure you have received some form of junk mail from some companies advertising their product.

Once you have collect your clients email address, you can contact them over and over again to promote your product and it doesn’t cost you a cent.  But you have to somehow collect some email address to begin with.


 Local Marketing

Local Marketing is to advertise your service in your local area.   These includes

  • network with people in your local area
  • network with your friends and family
  • phone book, yellow pages
  • pay direct mailing
  • local newspaper advertisement

After you have learned how to build website, you can offer your service in your local area businesses.


  Social Engagement and Marketing

These includes advertise on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, etc.  Join up as many user groups as possible and get the word out for your business.

Let us go to Wealthy Affiliate and look at a video on Social Media Marketing.

social media marketing