How Is Wealthy Affiliate

  – Will Wealthy Affiliate Works For You

I have joined Wealthy Affiliate for 2 years already and I can answer this question for you – How is Wealthy Affiliate?  Is Wealthy Affiliate suitable for you and will you be able to build a successful online business?

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

More often people want to know is Wealthy Affiliate a scam.  I can tell you honestly that it is a legitimate business.  You might want to know that why some people might call it a scam.  It is because it doesn’t work for them.  Keep reading and you will understand the reasons why some will succeed and some are doom to fail.

If you want to join Wealthy Affiliate now, you can click here to join. I recommend you finish reading the whole article before you make a decision. There are more you need to know.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a training company.  They will teach you how to build an online affiliate marketing business.  The lessons are in a few different formats, video training, text-based lessons and webinars.  You will learn everything you need to know about affiliate marketing.  They don’t hide anything from you and you don’t have to pay for anything more than the membership fees.

You can join for free as a Starter Member, it will give you an idea what is affiliate marketing and how you make money.  If you want to learn more, you will have to upgrade to Premium Membership – then you will be able to access all the training.

You will learn how to build websites and make money online.

Some people are able to start making money as a Free Member, but most will not.  I suggest you upgrade to Premium as soon as you could. Keep reading and you will start to understand why I give you this recommendation.

If you want to understand more about Wealthy Affiliate, see my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

What are the potential and how much money you will make?

The answer is, “How much you invest and how much you will gain.”  Some will make nothing and some will make a six-figure or seven-figure income.

As for myself, I made a few dollars in the first few months.  Then the amount gradually increase, the reason is I have a disadvantage over other people.  English is not my first language and also, I was doing it as a hobby – just for fun. I want to be good at this business and perhaps one day I will be able to quit my day job.  I like to take thing slowly.

There are other factors which will dictate how much money you can make. Hence, this business is not for everyone.  These factors will explain why only some can succeed.

If someone said, “We can teach anyone to be successful in this business.”  They are lying, don’t believe them.

Here is the first factor.  How much can you invest?  All busy need money as an initial or continuous investment.  There is no free lunch.

The Wealthy Affiliate membership fee and other investments

Monthly membership is $47.
Yearly membership is $359.
Buying your own domain name – $13 per year.
You need a computer with reliable internet connection.

These are the minimum investments you need to make.  You will not be successful if you cannot afford to make this minimal investment for the first year.

I have written an article which will tell you other ways to make money online if you really cannot afford the membership fee. How to make money online.

Besides money, you need to invest time.  The more time you can spare, the faster it will bring you success. It is no different to any other businesses.

To decide whether it is suitable for you, look at the list below honestly.  Are you prepare to do what is needed?

Wealthy Affiliate will work for you

  • You are willing to learn and you are able to understand the lessons.
  • You are willing to work hard.
  • You can write proper English (or the other language in your own country).
  • You have the minimal investment, the membership fee.
  • You have the patient to work through problems.  I am sure you will encounter lots of problems.
  • You are prepared to ask for help when you don’t have the answer.
  • You have the drive to carry on when you don’t see the immediate result.
  • You are committed to building a successful business no matter how hard it is.

Does this list scare you?  I am sure it will.  There are not many people who are up to this kind of challenge.

The reason why I tell you this, for you need to know what is required.  Unlike scams, they tell you making money is easy, which is not true.  If making money is easy then there will be no poor people.

Wealthy Affiliate will not work for you

  • You want to make money the easy way.
  • You want to make quick money.
  • You don’t believe building a successful business need hard work.
  • You don’t have the personality to build a business.

Now you know it requires a lot of hard work to build a successful business with affiliate marketing.  You now understand why so many people have failed in this business, they don’t have what it takes to be successful.

The right attitude to make affiliate marketing works for you

  • you understand building a business is not easy.
  • you want to learn and improve yourself.
  • you are not afraid to try new things.
  • you really want to be successful and you are willing to work hard.

You might ask me, “Why is it so hard?  Do I really need Wealthy Affiliate?  Can I use other companies or training programs?  Is there companies better than Wealthy Affiliate?”

You don’t 100% need Wealthy Affiliate.  There are other ways.  There might be other companies which are better than Wealthy Affiliate, I personally don’t know which company is better than Wealthy Affiliate.  If you know, you can tell me.

I have other articles on my website which will tell you how to make money with Facebook, Twitter and others.  You don’t need to learn how to build websites, but I can tell you building website is not difficult.  As long as you are willing to learn.

There is one factor which makes Wealthy Affiliate stand out from the others.  It is their support system.  Most of your questions are answered by other members of the community.  Sometimes, it only takes seconds to get the answer to your question.  I don’t think you can get this kind of support anywhere.

Imagine you have many friends and they are in the same business with you.  This is the true value of Wealthy Affiliate, and that is why I like it so much. That is the reason why I can recommend you to join and I am sure you will be looked after.  Joining Wealthy Affiliate will make your journey so much easier, compare to other companies.

Knowledge is power

Some called it Wealthy Affiliate University.  It is virtually an online university where you can learn all the knowledge about doing business on the internet.  Some members of Wealthy Affiliate use what they learn in other businesses.

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. – Benjamin Franklin

If you think you have what it takes. You can click on the banner below to join Wealthy Affiliate.  Let me wish you my best wishes before you leave.

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