Study other websites

As Affiliate Marketing Beginners we need to study other people websites.  The very first reason is to see what contribute a good looking website.  There are few things that you can learn from any website.

What theme are the website using?

There is a tool available on the internet which is called What WordPress Theme is That.

Just copy the URL on the site in paste it inside the Check Site box.  It can only show you if it is a WordPress theme.  Play the video below to learn more…

How do they layout their website?

If you see something you like, you can try to see if you can do that.  Some of the website uses Java Scripting or HTML5, it would be very hard to copy what they do.  You can learn how to do that if you really wants to.  One thing you can do is to have the same color scheme.

Where do they put their About Me page or Privacy page?  How do they layout their menu system and their posts?

What kind of content, or what do they write about?  Can you do it better or can you do it in a different way?

How do they link all the pages together?

There are many things you can learn from a good website.  You can pick up a lot of ideas from them, but don’t try to copy them.  If you copy their content, Google will give you a low ranking for duplicate content.