Create beautiful blog post

Create beautiful blog post

How do you create beautiful blog post?  All the content you created need to be readable by your visitors.  They should be pleasing to the eyes.  Your visitors will stay longer on your website if it is well organised and attractive.  When they engaged with your content, you have a better chance to make a business.  They say that Content is King.

It is true, your content is the most important part of your website.  So spent more time to create good content.

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Create beautiful blog post







You need to learn how to engage with your audience.  Therefore, how you present it to them is one of the most important subject.  When you understand what you audience wants, you will be successful.

So before you start writing, you need to create a profile for your target customers.  You need to understand who they are and what do they like.

You need to consider the following:

  • Demographic information like age, gender, marital status, income, ethnic background and so forth.
  • Behavior information like, interests, hobbies, values, lifestyle or buying habits and so forth.

When you understand your customer, you will know how to talk to them and what kind of language you should use.  You will be more successful when you have done your research.

Beside good content, your web pages and posts have to look good.  You need some images to light up the page.  It is very boring to see a block of text and nothing else.   So when your visitor is scrolling down the page, you need to have an image within the display.

The other way to make your page looks better is using different color text and a mix of different fonts.  You can also highlight some important text for getting their attention.

You can think of your website is your canvas.  How do you draw a beautiful picture?  You will have a beautiful website that your visitor will enjoy.

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