Site Build It Review 2016

Site Build It Review 2016

I was thinking about joining SiteBuildIt (SBI, also called some time ago.  I visited a popular website which promotes the benefits of honey.  On this website, it has an advertising banner of SBI and a positive Site Build It review.  It said some good things about Site Build It and I think I could learn something and improve my knowledge on affiliate marketing if I join SBI.

Before I join, I wanted to find out more about SiteBuildIt and see what other people think of SBI.  Therefore, I looked online for more information and reviews just to make sure, there are too many scams on the internet.

Should I join SiteBuildIt?  The quick answer if NO.  I came to this conclusion after all the research I’ve done.  If you are interested to find out the details, keep reading.

What does Site Build It offers?

The company started in 2001.  They offer a total system with website building, web hosting, and all the tools which you will need to be successful.  The tools include keyword tools, website building tool and step by step lessons.

10 Reasons why you shouldn’t join SiteBuildIt

  1. Declining popularity. SBI used to be a good company, but as technology advanced and they could not keep up with it.  Their business is on the decline, more and more people are leaving SBI. This is a very competitive business and offering a good value to customers is absolutely critical.  Below is their Alexa ranking on Feb 2016.

sitebuildit alexa ranking

Their global ranking dropped 4854 and currently sitting at 10996, 80% drop in just a few months since April 2015.  The same downward trends shown on Google Trends.  You can verify it yourself, just type Google Trends on your browser and enter “Site Build It” to search.

2. Support is slow – They don’t offer good support and it takes a long time to get an answer.  It is very frustrating if you want to get help and it might take you a few days to get the answer.  You can get individual coaching, but it is expensive.  It cost around $69-$99 per hour.

3. Expensive website design tool – They have a WordPress plugin called “bizXpress”, it has a very limited function.  If you want to upgrade to the professional version which will cost you $149 per year. It includes an Action Guide, Keyword Tool and Niche Research Tool, Business Resources and Forum support. (It is too expensive because you can get all these other tools online for free. You can also buy a decent WordPress theme for half the price.  Remember it is a per year subscription.)

4. Difficult to transfer your site out of SBI – It is very difficult to transfer your site out of SiteBuildIt if you desire to leave. You might lose all your Google ranking or links.

5. Exaggerated claims – They claim that they can teach anyone who has no prior knowledge on affiliate marketing to succeed.  They said it is very easy and anyone can do it.  It is definitely not the case.  This is fault advertising, or you can call it a scam.  Making money with affiliate marketing is not as easy as one might think.

6. Affiliate program – If you want to be an affiliate and promote their program. You can sign up on  and this is their offer…

Join many SiteSell affiliates and do exactly that!

  • 60% commission on new SBI! and SBI! for WP annual sales
  • 200% commission on new SBI! monthly sales
  • 100% commission on new SBI! for WP monthly sales
  • No cost to sign up
  • Checks mailed monthly or deposited via PayPal

As you can see they give 200% commission on monthly sales, what do you think? Also, you don’t have to be a member of SiteSell.  How do these affiliates know what they are actually selling if they haven’t tried it?  It looks like a scam.

7. Many complaints – There are lots of complaints online, but also there are lots of people who are defending it. Many of the complaints came from past users or new customers. The people who are defending it, of course, are SiteSell affiliates.  There must be some very unhappy customers, doesn’t matter how you look at it.

8. Out-of-date ranking methods – The methods they teach you doesn’t work anymore.  Google has changed their ranking mechanism since the Google Panda Algorithm Update. Many of the SBI sites have lost their ranking overnight.

9. Too SEO focus mindset – They preached to you that SEO mean everything.  It might be true in the past, but the most important ingredient to your success is the quality of your content.  With SEO, you might be able to get visitors to your website, but without good contents, you will never be able to convert them to buying customers.

10. Expensive per website – For each subscription, you can have one website with hosting, it cost you $299 per year.  If you want a second website, you will have to pay another $299.  It is far too expensive because you can get hosting elsewhere for a fraction of the amount.


No doubt, from all the data I collected, SBI was a good company in the past.  Now things have changed and SBI didn’t evolve with time.  If you want to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing.  There are companies who are better than SBI.  Here is my number one recommendation (Wealthy Affiliate) – click here to join.

If you want to get more information, click here to see my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

You want to learn how to build a successful business with affiliate marketing, the most important task is choosing a good teacher.  Secondly, is the support and then your dedication and desire to success.  You will fail if one of these elements are missing.  I have information on my website which will give you a good idea what kind of path you are embarking on.  Please feel free to look around.

There are other ways if your think building a website is not for you.  Please see my post on – How to make money with Twitter.