Website Review Service

Website Review Service

After you have built your website, you think you have created a masterpiece.  Then you realized that you don’t get much traffic, and your website is not ranking.  Or you have traffic, but your visitors are not clicking on your advertisements.  You wonder why?  Here is where my website review service comes in.  I can review your website for a small fee.

I will give you a report of my review and I will give you some suggestions so that you know what to do to improve the quality of your website.

What are the reasons that you want to have your website review?

  • you don’t know if you have choose the right niche.  There are no visitors to your site.
  • you are not ranking, you wonder if your keywords are okay.
  • you just want a second opinion to know if you are heading in the right direction.
  • you want a second opinion and see if there are things that you can improve.
  • you runs out of ideas for posting new materials
  • you are just starting and you want to have a clear direction on how to do things.

Who am I?

I don’t claim I am an internet guru or I know everything about affiliate marketing.  The fact is I have given many people advise on how to improve their websites.  All of the people I gave advice to value my advice.  Since then their websites have improved dramatically.

As a result, their website start ranking and they have more visitors.  Also, they understand how to continue to develop and imporve their website.

I teach them how to use keywords properly, how to have a better layout and better functionality.  Where to put their images and how to make their website more attractive.

Look is everything.  If your website doesn’t look good, no one will want to read whatever content you have on it.  I can give you an example.  If you want to find a girlfriend, the girls you first approach will be those who are good looking.  You will even tolerate her abuse if your girlfriend is drop dead gorgeous.  That is how powerful look is.

I will review your content and see if there is anything need improving.  Like content spacing, use of words and flow of ideas,etc.

 How to get your website review?

If you want to have your website review, please follow the following steps.

  • Send me $20 through Paypal.  
    Website Review Service
    Other Amount:
    Your Email Address:


  • Send me an email with your Website Address.  In your email, tell me what exactly what you want to achieve or what is your problem. (My email address is
  • When I have received your payment.  I will review your website, then I will email you the report and answer your questions.  Please give me a few days to do that.

The money is just a token of appreciation.  You would not find anyone else doing a website review for $20.  The reason I am doing this is I like helping people.  If I don’t charge you anything, you will not value my recommendation.  You can also make a donation if you are happy with my service.

If you have any question that you want to ask me, please leave me a comment below.  Also, if you like my suggestions after the review, please come back and leave me a good comment.  I will appreciate that.


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