Remove Bad Backlinks

Remove Bad Backlinks

Google gives a page on your website a page rank based on the incoming links from other websites.  What we called “Backlinks”.  If the link pointing to your website is from a low-quality or spammy website, which will affect your page and site ranking.  If you are suspicious of such links which affected your website ranking, you have to remove those bad backlinks.

This is a warning from Google.  If you are no sure, don’t use it.

Google Disavow warning





To find out what websites are linking to your site, you can look it up in Google Webmaster Tools.

  • Sign in to Google Webmaster Tools
  • On Dashboard, click Search TrafficLinks to Your Site
  • Click More – in Who Links the Most.
  • Then click Download more sample links, or Download latest links. (Download latest links includes dates when the link was first established)

With the list downloaded and you can check each link.  Type or copy the link in your search to see where it comes from.

Google has a quality guidelines for link quality.  When you found the bad link, you can try to remove it. You might not be able to remove it if you have no access to the link.   You can contact the website owner and tell them to remove the link for you.

If you are not able to get the link removed. You can use the Google Disavow Tool.  Just follow the instruction on the Google page.

Basically, you upload a text file you create with the name of the domain and links which you want to tell Google to ignore them.  So that Google will ignore these links when they are accessing your page rank base on the backlinks.

If you are unable to follow the instruction or find it hard to do.  You can contact me by leaving a comment below and I can help you with it. Another alternative is to hire professional help, you can find some websites do offer Backlink Removal Service.  (

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