Learn Affiliate Marketing – Research

Learn Affiliate Marketing – Research

I might be repeating myself, but this is a very important subject in Learning Affiliate Marketing – Research.  So even before you start to build your website, you have already done you homework.

If you have selected what niche you are going to do, that is good.  Otherwise, you can choose something you are passionate about.  A hobby, interest or something you want to learn.  If you need to write a about it and constantly adding post and articles to it, you have to like it first.

Also you should choose a niche where you could sell something.  You are not here just for the interest, you do it because you want to make money.  If you want to do business with Amazon, make sure they have the products you are going to offer to your visitors.

Google loves sites that are constantly updated.  They give you a better ranking than whose websites which stays the same.

Note: do not choose making money online niche, since you are new to making money online, you do not have the experience and knowledge.  Also, this niche is very competitive, there is around 2,900,000,000 websites on this niche.

Once you have selected your niche, then you can do your research.


Market Research

Same as a tradition company, before they launch a product, they want to know if there are people interest in it.  You could go to Google Trends to find out if the product you offer is getting more popular or if it is a dying product.  Just type in your product name and they will show you a chart.  For example, I typed in bicycle.

Here is the result I got.



You can see that the interest over time of bicycle is decreasing, that people are not so interested as before.  You want to do something which people are interested.

Here is another one for Chromebook


 Keyword Research

Before you build your website, you will do your keyword research.  So you know what title you need to put on your site the paragraph.  To use the keywords, you name your title same as your keyword and also put the same keyword in your first paragraph.  After that you just write normally.

Remember to write naturally since your readers are human.  Also you need to know what age group your target audience will be, so you need to use the proper language for them.  It is different when you are writing for teenage audience and older people.  You know what I mean?

To do keyword research, you could use:

  • Google Keyword Tool – you need to sign up to Adwords to be able to use it.
  • www.Jaaxy.com – you can sign up for free and they give you 30 keyword search.
  • Google search – put the search keyword in brackets, e.g. “keyword”  and it will report to you at the bottom of the last page, how many competitions your keywords have.

Let us go to Wealthy Affiliate to look at a video.

keyword mastery



 Audience Research

In audience research, you will try to understand your audience with reference to the product you are offering. You will have to ask yourself these questions and go and find the answers for them.

  • What do I offer on my website?  What do visitors get from visiting my website?
  • Is my website theme suitable for my audiences?
  • Do I have proper images on my website?
  • Do I have a attractive landing page?  Do I get the visitors attention in the first few sentences?


All these research will pay off if you have done it properly.  Affiliate Marketing in no different from any traditional marketing.  You still have a human as a customer, even though you could not see them.  Doesn’t mean they don’t exist or they are any difference.

I suggest you get this book to improve your content writing skill.




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