Website Basic Structure

These website basic structure tutorials is intended for beginners who just start learning website building.

I will be using the “Twenty Eleven Theme” for my example.  It is a free theme and you can download it from  When I first started building website I found it very hard.  There is no information on how I should layout the structure of my website.  Not only me, a lot of beginners have the same problem, too.  So I decided to create this tutorials and hopefully it will be helpful to you.

I will start from the very basic and later on will introduce some advance techniques.

Basic Structure:

This is the basic structure of the Twenty Eleven Theme, and most other themes are similar.  They might have the Menu up at the top, or the Header Image swapped position with the Site Title & Tagline.  Some themes do not have Footer.


I have used a theme which do not have Menu on the top, they put the Menu in the right sidebar.  Also, there are some themes that have both Right Sidebar and Left Sidebar.

When you are choosing your theme, you have to look for a theme which will give you all the functionality which you need in your website design.  But don’t worry if you have chose a theme which you found not suitable later on.  You could always switch theme without losing anything.

To switch to a new theme, click Appearance – Install Themes, and select a new theme.  When you already has content on your site, you might need to adjust some of the settings like widgets or header image after your switch.

Blog or Website 

A blog or a website is basically means the same thing, but the structural design is a bit different.  It is easier to show you with a diagram.

If you are building a blog, this is how it will be layout.

post structure

Most themes are default to blog settings already. You can check by clicking Settings – Reading, then select Front Page Displays as “Your latest posts”.  Then underneath it there is selection for “Blog pages show at most”, which is how many posts you wants to show on one page.

When you are posting, you want your latest post to show up at the top as in the diagram.  Your visitors will be able to see your latest work without going to look for it.

If you are doing a blog, the “Recent Post Widget” and the “Archives Widget” are going to be useful to you.  As you create a post, the post title will also show up on the recent post. At the end of the month, they will be archive and put underneath the Archives with monthly label.


When the blog was first created, there is a default category called “Uncategorized”.  This Uncategorized category cannot be deleted.  You can add a new category for your posts.  I will teach you how to use it later on.


When you are building a website with a static front page (home page), which will not be changed.  The first thing you need to do is create a new page.  Click Pages – Add New, then a new page will be created.  I am going to call this page “Scam Alert”.  To make Scam Alert my front page, click Settings – Reading, then on “Front page displays”, choose “A Static page”, then I choose my Scam Alert as front page – as shown below.

front page







There is another thing you have to do, click Appearance – Menu, and delete the “Home” and “Sample Page” in the Menu.  Then you should see you website should look like the one below.



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