Different Types of Affiliate Marketing Approach

Different Types of Affiliate Marketing Approach

There are quite a few different types of affiliate marketing approach.  They also call it choosing a niche or niche  market.

It is to choose something that you are interested in doing or you are capable of doing.  If you don’t have any special skill, you can start learning from scratch while you slowly build your website.

Make sure that you are genuinely interested in the subject of your choice, otherwise it will be difficult if you have to do something which you don’t enjoy.

There are many places where you can find materials.  The easiest one would be on the internet, also libraries and magazines.  The website that you are going to build will be different base on what you choose to do.  Let me give you some examples:-

1. Blogging

You put up a blog to talk about your personal life, a hobby or an interest.  You attract people who has similar interest to your site.  You put on advertisement from the merchant whose product relating to the particular topic you have on your site.  

2. Product Review

You review the products that you want to promote on your website.  It could be camera, computer, tools or whatever you wanted to promote.  You give your audience the report of your review, tell them how good or how bad the product is.  You give a rating according to your own opinion.

3. Expect Advice

You teach your audience on how to do thing.  For example, if your are a maths teacher, you could teacher your audience how to solve maths problem.  Your put on maths book, online tuition course or other things like that to promote on your site.

You have to be good with what you do because people can tell if you are not good.

4. Seasonal Promotion

You just showcase the product for the upcoming seasonal events, like Valentine Day, New Year or Christmas, etc.  You just put the product on the site for the visitor to choose.

5. 10 best of anything

If you put in a search of 10 best, you will find lots and lots of website which starts with this title.  They could be review sites or just product promotion sites like this: http://www.thinkgeek.com/interests/giftsunder10    if you are not good at writing, then this is the way to go.  All you do is put images of your products that you sell.

You choose a niche that you want to do, but you can build a few websites and have all of these niches – if you have enough time on your hand.


choosing your niche







If you are thinking about signing up with Amazon, I suggest you get this book.  It is good value for money and it will tell you exactly what you need to do.  Amazon is the biggest online store and every year they sell millions and millions of products.  They have virtually anything you can think of, from book to medicine and sport gears…..

Although their commission is a little lower than some other smaller companies, but they have good reputation and most people trust Amazon.  Their service is reliable and prompt.  You don’t have to solely rely on Amazon.  You should have couple more other companies that you can affiliate with which will give you higher commission rates.




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Now before you go to the next lesson, I want you to write down a few ideas that you have, what kind of websites you are going to build?  It is good to have at least 3 ideas.

If you are ready for the next lesson…..

different types of affiliate marketing approach


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  1. Thanks for sharing Different Types of Affiliate Marketing Approach. These are helpful to many of the beginners as well as experts.Build your own affiliate marketing business with Powerhouse Affiliate.

  2. I was reading your post and I find it really inspiring .
    I have a blog with mix content like movies ,apps ,legit site to earn money which I have already tried in the past ,games etc

    my new theme is ugly but other theme gave me technical problem in past like not loading content thumbnail error etc

  3. It is inconceivable to me that the same person who wrote the copy for this website could have any success working with the public or any credibility with them. The grammar is actually fairly representative of what I have seen on high-promise educational sites such as this one: very bad. I will assume the person behind the website is good at making money online, but if the up front evidence is any indication, yikes!

    • Hi Robert,

      I know my grammar is bad, you don’t have to remind me. But it is the contents that counts when it comes to conveying the message. By the way, I have never promised anyone that they can make money doing affiliate marketing.
      If you want to study English, go and read a textbook.


  4. I have been thinking about becoming affiliate marketer and I have couple of ideas but I’m not good with writing so how would I get articles for my website and is it legal to take articles from other websites and mention the source ?
    Thank you

    • Hi Hosni,

      You need permission from the owner. You cannot just copy their material and post on your site. But you can post link to point to the material, which they wouldn’t mind you doing. Because it help with their site ranking.


  5. I have been thinking about doing affiliate marketing I have the websites ideas but I’m not good with writing so where do you think should I get articles from ?

    • Hi Hosni,

      You should write your own article. I was no good at writing at the beginning too, but it got better after a while. When you are writing your own articles, you can get your idea across easier. I have tried to get other people writing articles for me, but I could never found a good writer. They could never give me what I really needed.


  6. I already have two types of blogs. At a time I had booked a domain and launched a website namely seofreelancerwork.com but I was unable to keep this site live due to lack of SEO and others knowledge. So now I am thinking to work by creating blogs related to “Health” , “Information Technology”, “SEO Freelancer Work” etc.
    Are these good or should I change my plan…?
    Your suggestion will be helpful to me.

    • Hi Megha,

      I have looked at your SEO Freelancer Work website. There is no content on it at the moment so it is hard to see how good you are at website development. You should buy your domain name instead of using Blogspot.com. It will show your visitors that you are not an amateur, they will have more confident with you.
      With regards to choosing your niche, you can pick something you really like. A niche which you can post a lot of content. Also, a niche which you will be able to get a lot of customers.
      The main things are keep working on it and keep learning.

    • Yes, any field of work is relevant as long as there are people interested in it. To find out how many people are looking for information related to your work, you can go to Google Trends. Type in the keywords you think people will be using to find information about your field. For example, you can use “childbirth”, “home birth delivery” or “midwife”, etc. Underneath the result, it will give suggestions of some related searches which you could explore.
      You need to know Google Trends only give a relative number, it is not the real number of searches.
      To find out exactly how many people are interested, you can use any free keyword tool online.

  7. I am a web site developer. I can build any type of website . would you please suggest me what kind of website will be good for me?

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