Landing Pages That Convert

Landing Pages That Convert

It is very important for an internet marketer to build landing pages that convert visitors to customers.  You will have more business even if you have less visitors when your conversion rate is high.  The norm is around 5%.  It is important to have a landing page which has high conversion rate.  If your conversion rate is 0%, then no matter how many visitors you have, you are not going to have any business.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a web page which your visitors first land on.  To get visitors to your landing page, there are a few methods, including

  • Pay Advertising – you pay for an advertisement on social Media, email marketing company, Google Adwords, on other websites, etc.
  • Search Engine – Google, Yahoo, Bing or others.
  • Free Advertising – your own mailing list, social media or article submission sites.
  • Other pages/post on your website

As shown in the diagram below.  The function of your landing page is to convert visitors into customers.

Landing Page Function










How do you build a landing page that converts?

The marketing term for it is a sales funnel.  The objective is to increase the interest of the visitors, tell them your product is something they definitely need and tell them to buy it.  The idea is simple, but you have to know how to write a good article which can sell.

In order to do that, first thing you need to learn is some marketing terminologies.  Instead of saying this product is “good”, use “value for money”.  Here are some examples.

  • Good –  Value for Money
  • Looks good – Envy of your friends
  • Need – Desirable
  • Cheap – Bargain

If you don’t know how, you can take a look at this – Power Words for Sales and Marketing.

There are few ways that you can improve your landing page conversion rate.

1. Attractive Headlines –  if you don’t have attractive headlines, most visitors will leave your page very quickly.  But what is a good headline?  Some time ago, I visit a website of my friend.  Her headline was “How I lost $5000 in 2 weeks.”  I was trapped immediately, I had to find out how she lost $5000.

How about this, “How I made my first $475 online in 2 weeks” , “5 Easy steps to lose weight” or “10 Secrets to make yourself more attractive”.

2. Give Benefits – give something to your visitors and tell them something they don’t know.  Give them some benefits; we all know that when we look at something for the first time.  In our mind we would ask “What in it for me?”  So this is important to keep them interested.

If you know what your competitors are offering, you can give them the comparison of your product versus your competitors.  So your visitors can make a more inform decision.

3. Relevant Images – we all like pictures and images.  Also a nice picture will convey your message a lot better than using only words.  It will also make you website look more professional and appealing to the eye.

“Show and tell”, it is better to show than to tell.  You can include videos, proof and diagrams to show them; it makes your argument more creditable with these visual aids.  Also recommendations from other customers who have used the same product are valuable proof.

Yellow car

Image like this can stir up emotional attachment. Do you want a car like this?


4. Professionalism – your website needs to look professional.  To be professional, you need to work on your header image, grammar, spelling, punctuations, visual appeal, layout, titles and paragraphs.  Use proper English unless your topic is about games or hip-hop music.  You need to write as you are speaking to the visitor in person.

One time I reviewed a website for a guy and he is a priest.  He writes as if he is doing a sermon.  It will be the same if you are a teacher, don’t write like you are talking to your students.  No one likes to be talk down; talk to them as your equal.

5. Clarity – write clearly and concisely, you don’t have to use difficult words.  Use the correct terminology for the subject.  Sometimes using short bullet points are better than paragraph, it can carry your idea better and give you better conversion rate.

6. Give something for free – you can offer you customer something for free.  Example, a free e-book if they buy your product or a discount.

7. Call to Action – Make sure you have “call to action”.  Tell them to click on the link or button that you want them to.  Tell them to fill out their Contact Name and Email address if you want to collect these information for email marketing later.

Some products are better with banners than links, you have to experiment what works best.

If you have more than one product you are offering on your website, you have to build more than one landing page.  You can build different landing pages and test your ideas on different variations; like different images, different style of writing or different ways of presenting the same thing.

You can divert visitors who land on other pages to one landing page, so you don’t have to write the same article again.  You can pay someone to write it for you if you are not good at it.  Ask your friends to read it and give you comment, because we cannot see our own shortcomings.


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