Your Affiliate Marketing Edge

Your Affiliate Marketing Edge

Before you start building your website, you have to plan what you are going to do.  Beside the structure of the website and the niche you are going to choose.  You need to know what is your affiliate marketing edge.  It means what advantage you have over the other websites which have the same niche.

Some niches have over thousands of websites, but you can still be successful if you have an edge over them.

Ask yourself this question.  Why do they visit your website and why is your website better than others?  What do you have that other don’t?

If you cannot answer this question, then you are doom and you will fail.  I should have put this discussion in the advance section, but I decide to put it in beginner section instead.

This is what a beginner should know; otherwise after you have built your website and you found either you don’t have many visitors or you cannot engage the visitors.  You will be scratching your head and don’t know what has gone wrong.

Unlucky man

This is what you will look like.

Content is King

The most important element of a good website is its content.  What makes your content better than other people?

There are a few approaches you can take.

  • You give good advice, better than your competitors.
  • You are interesting and funny.  You can tell jokes.
  • Your content is very detail and informative, better than your competitors.
  • You are controversial and they hate you.
  • You know something that no one else know.

Here is only a few few suggestions, and you might be able to think of something.  Like you have very nice pictures or you can use musics, etc.  Or may be you have a niche that no one else is doing.

Whatever it is, you need to understand what is your edge over your competitors.  Then you will be able to decide what you need to put into your website.

Here are few books that you can get which could help you with your writing skill.

A ordinary website will produce ordinary result, a great website will produce great result. 

What is the value you give to your visitors?

Some bloggers give free e-book, some give coupons, some give discounts and some give free software.  If you don’t have these to give, what can you give?

Sorry, I cannot help you with this one.  You have to come up with the answer yourself.

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