How To Get Traffic With New Product

You can make money when you gets in early with a new product.  Unlike already established products which you would have hundreds or thousands of competitors.  It is very hard for you to break into the market and also getting a high ranking for your website is near to impossible for a beginner.  I will show you how to get traffic with a new product.

As for a new product, not many people know about it.  Your website can rank in the first page without much problem.  You will become the authority site when the product becomes more popular later on.  It is an easier road to take than to fight your way to the top competing with too many people.

helix sleep

How to find new products to promote?

There are a few ways you can find new products.  Let me show you an example which I use Facebook to find a new product.

  1. I type in Facebook search, using the search term “pre-launch”.  You can also use “hottest“, “brand new“, “latest product” or “new inventions“, etc.
  2. Here is the screen shot of a product I found interesting.  A new product called “Helix Sleep”.  So let me go and find out if it is suitable for picking.

helix sleep facebook

3. Then I find out how new this product is using “Google Trends”.  Here is a screen shot from the result.

helix sleep facebook

It shows that this product “helix sleep” started only in 2014.  Today is 7 Feb 2015 when I am writing this article. The number of searches in Jan 2015 was 93, and in Feb was already 90 (21 more days before the month ends).  This is promising and looks like this product is starting to pick up from here.

Let’s go and find out how many competitors there are.  Here is the result from Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool.

helix sleep

Instead of posting too many screen shots, I will just give you the numbers when I click on “View Result”.

The number of websites for “helix sleep” = 287.
The number of websites for “helix sleep mattress review” = 20.
The number of websites for “helix sleep mattress reviews” = 2
The number of websites for “helix sleep mattress” = 113

If you don’t know about keyword research, you should check out – Do Keyword Research.

I went to Amazon and find out if they have this product.  Yes, they have this mattress listed and the price ranges from $400 to $800.  It will give you a nice fat commission when you have a sale.

Do you think you can beat the competition of 2?  Of course, you can.

Here are a few other methods you can use to find new products to review.

  • Google search for “new product 2016”, “new product reviews”, “best new product” or the same search terms I gave you above.
  • Go to trade shows if there is one around you.
  • New product magazine or online magazine.
  • On other social media like Google+ or Twitter.
  • Amazon, eBay,Alibaba or other affiliate merchants.
  • Social forum sites, like Reddit or article submission sites.

Here are few websites where you can find the new products that you are looking for.

  • – new beauty products
  • – new electronic gadgets
  • – new sport shoes
  • – new release books

Just keep your eyes open and you will be able to find something.

Although promoting a new product is a lot easier, you have to have a feel if this new product will be more popular in the future.  Or otherwise, you will be wasting your time if the product failed.  Therefore, a little bit more market research is advised.

For a beginner, if you have not been successful, it is a path you can take.  It could be the successful formula you are looking for.




How To Get Traffic With New Product — 8 Comments

  1. Even if I find a new product should I contact the owner of it directly in order to advertise it or is there a specific site (Amazon?) I should look it up in?

    • Hi Thomas,

      If it is a Amazon product of course you have to sign up with Amazon. It would be very nice if you could get a private product that you can sell, then you can discuss with the owner to have an exclusive dealt.
      I hope this help.


  2. hi,

    Is it necessary that I buy the product to write its review? How do I write a review of the product I have never seen? Also I checked out They themselves are selling some latest products, for example, a new type of smartwatch. why would anyone buy the same product from my site which is already available on sites like cnet.

    • Hi Rohit,

      Yes, you really need to understand the product to give a good insightful review. If you cannot afford to buy it, what you can do is go down to your local store and look at the real product. Talk to the sale person of the store and ask questions. Otherwise, the only choice is read other people’s review and do a summary. We don’t want to make things up and lie to our readers.


  3. I had actually never thought about it this way. The fact that a new product won’t have much online about it so you could become an authority site on it. This is actually a fantastic idea and I love how easily you break down how to do this and be successful at it. I’m definitely going to put these skills to good use and try to do this in the future on my own website/small business.

    • Hi Hannah,

      Using new product is a good way to get sales quickly. People love to try new things and if you can post the information quickly. You will be able to get good traffic to your website. As long as you keep your eyes open for new products, you will surely find something that worth promoting. Since the product is new, so competition is less. Therefore it is easier to make money than established products.
      I wish you all the best with your business.


    • Hi Nazila,

      Thanks. If you have any question, let me know. I will be more than happy to answer it. Using new product is a good way to get traffic if you are a beginner. Doing it this way will have let competitions.

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