Google Ranking Keyword Checker

Google Ranking Keyword Checker

You want to know when someone type the keywords in Google search, in what position does your website come up in the listing?  There are Google Ranking Keyword Checkers available.

It is the most important factor, regarding to our success, to have our website to come up on Page One.  Around 90% of people will only click on the websites in the first page, not unless they could not found what they want then they will go to the second page.  Only around 7% of people will click on the second page.

So if your website doesn’t appear on the first page, you will have little or no traffic at all.  Unless you do you own marketing on social media to attract visitors to your website.  The other method is to pay for advertising with Google Adwords.

It will not be accurate if you are using your own computer with the same browser, the same one that you use to create the website.  It is because Google will remember your browsing session, and will deliver the results according to the history of your search.

Here are the different ways to do it.

1. Free website tool.

There are some websites which provide this service for free.

2. Use your own web browser

Google Chrome – enter “incognito” mode.  Click on the symbol with the three basetting iconrs, then choose “New incognito windows” and do your keyword search.

Window Explorer IE10 and IE11 – click on Setting (gear symbol), then choose “Safety”, then choose “InPrivate Browsing.”

When you are using incognito or InPrivate Browsing mode, the browser will not remember your session and also it won’t give the IP address to Google to tell them who you are.

3. Get your friend to check it for you on their computer. It will be more accurate than using your own.  If they are going to do that for you occasionally, tell them don’t click into your website otherwise Google will remember the session and put your website in the front the next time when they search again.

4. In Google Webmaster Tools

Click on “Search Traffic”, then “Search Analytics” , tick the box “Position” as shown below.

position tick box






Then you will be able to see the ranking of each keywords, as shown in the example below.  The position is the average position of the keyword, our website doesn’t stay in the same position due to various reasons.


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