Google+ and SEO

Google+ and SEO

As you might know or you might not know that Google+ can help to improve your website ranking.  It will help to bring visitors to your website even if your website is not ranking well.  When you post to Google+ and Google will definitely know if someone like your post.  Every time your post get a Like+1, it will improve your website ranking.

I want to share with you a few videos produced by my friend Lyra Scotch in Wealthy Affiliate.  The first video is about how to get more Google+ followers.  If you have not sign up with Google+, then you have to do that first before watching the first video.  Lyra acquired 4k followers after a few months time.  It is the most user friendly social media platform.  The more followers we have, we will have more audience and it is better for our business.

After you have watched the video, please do me a favour and Like the video.  Also please leave a comment to Lyra and give your opinion.

Here is the first video – Get Followers on Google+

After you have increased the number of followers, you need to know how to utilize Google+ to promote your niche and appeal to your target audience.  This video will tell you how social engagement leads to a better ranking for your website.

Here is the second video – How to Target Your Niche Using G+

Then the last video will teach you how to create an effective post on Google+ in order to draw audience to your website.  She make the process seem so easy.

Here is the third video – How to Create The Perfect G+ Post

Social media is crucial to your website ranking and also your success in affiliate marketing.  One thing you need to know when you are posting.  You cannot put too many posts up in a single day, you will be looked at as a spammer by Google+.  I suggest you post 3 times maximum in a single day, otherwise you will get a warning for spamming.

There are other social media you can join too.  Like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Reddit and many more.  But we have only so many hours in a day.  Remember these are only tools for increasing your presence, don’t use all your time in socializing.  You need to have time to put more content on your website.  You don’t want to have lots of visitors, but you have nothing to show them.


Google+ and SEO — 2 Comments

  1. This was such a useful and informative post. I know what Google+ is but it’s not something I’ve ever really explored using much, so it is so nice to have all this information in one handy spot to refer to. I have accounts with all of the other major social media platforms and I think I’m missing out on a lot of stuff by not having a Google+ account as well. I’ll definitely be using this information to grow that platform for my small business now that I know how useful it can be.

    • Hi Hannah,

      Google+ is a very powerful platform for promoting your website or any other business. It is not a very friendly social media platform, but if you know how to use it, but it will increase your website traffic. Most people don’t know the power of Google+.


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