Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker

This Broken Link Checker is a must have for any internet marketer.  It can check any error for both internal and external.

Broken links are bad for your website.

  • you will lose business if customer click on an affiliate link and gets an error.
  • a bad image for yourself, visitors think your site is not build properly.
  • search engines cannot index your website when they cannot follow your links.  So it hurts your ranking.


You can get the Broken Link Checker at  This tool will check your entire website and see you have any error with your links, missing links or dead links.

Do yourself a favor and check your website once a while and fix any issue with bad link.  Sometimes your visitors might leave an internet URL when they are commenting.  If the URL points to nowhere it will be bad for you.  The search engines like Google will encounter error while trying to index your page.  Hence it will not get indexed because of the error.


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