10 Ways To Increase Website Traffic

10 Ways To Increase Website Traffic

Every blogger’s goal is to make money, but before you can make money you need to have visitors to your website. It is a million dollar question, “How to increase website traffic?” Many new bloggers don’t know how to do that and they fail to make money. I will show you 10 ways to increase website traffic.

There are many ways to get visitors to your website. Below is a diagram I created, and show you 10 of the most popular ways to drive traffic to your website.

how to get website traffic

  • Search Engine is the first one which you should have already known, but in fact, it is the hardest. You need to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The aim of doing SEO is to have your website appears on the first page of Google/Bing Search Result. Since most people only click on the first page to find what they are looking for on the internet. Therefore, if your website is not on the first page, you have very little chance of getting search visitor traffic.There are on-page-SEO and off-page-SEO. On-page means what you are doing on your website to make it easier for the search engine to index. You should not have any errors on your website and you should be using keywords which are more popular. (If you don’t understand how keywords are used, you can see my other post – Do Keyword Research). Off-page SEO is what you do not on your website.  It is the other methods in the diagram, they will bring visitors to your website and also will increase the ranking of your website.  Only paid advertising and traffic exchange will not help your SEO.
  • Forum – Participate in forums which relate to your niche.  It will help to bring visitors to your website and it will also help with SEO.  Some forums allow you to post your website URL, so you will have a backlink.  (Backlinks are very important to getting higher ranking from search engines.) Be genuinely join in the discussion in the forum, don’t just paste your link and leave.  When you contribute to the group, people will notice you and visit your website.The other good reason for joining forums is you can learn a lot of things from others. You will be surprised there are many things that you still need to learn.The best forum for affiliate marketer is Warrior Forum.

    Other good forums.

    Wick Fire
    Self-Starters Weekly Tips Forum
    Digital Point Forum

  • Press Release – If you are promoting a new product launch or a new company which is new to the market. You can submit press releases to Press Release Submission Websites and get more visitors to your websites.  You need to learn how to write a press release properly.  It is a bit different from writing your own blog post.
    Here is a good website which has a listing of all the good PR websites.
    http://www.pressreleasepoint.com/paid-and-free-press-release-site-list   You can learn how to write a press release on WikiHow
    – http://www.wikihow.com/Write-a-Press-Release  If you are not good at English or you have never done it before.  It is better to leave it to the professional and get someone to write it for you.  Also, remember, don’t re-post the press release on your website. It will hurt your page ranking, just use a link and point to the hosting site.The content of the press release will generally work for 24 hours only.  There are many news stories competing to get the readers attention.  So it is very hard to get your press release noticed.
  • Commenting on other websites – you can also get traffic to your website by commenting on others. If you have something to offer, you will get a backlink as well as getting traffic to your website.  It will improve your website ranking.  I have an example to show you; someone just left a message on my website as shown below.blog post commentWhen you are leaving your comment, you have to find something related to your topic.  Otherwise, it will be deleted very quickly.  A longer comment which is relating to the topic on the post will have more value than a shorter one.  The search engine index comments on websites as well, so your comment might come up in search results if it is good.  That means more traffic for you.
  • Link trading will other websites – you can find some good websites and ask them to trade links with you. It will give your website higher ranking if the website you trade with is a high authority site.  Here is an example of the message you could use…

Dear sir/madam,

My name is Stephen.  I just visited your site YourWebsite.com and I like your website very much.  It has lots of good content and nicely built.  I have similar topics on my own site.

It would be my pleasure if I could work with you.  I would like to exchange links with you which will benefit us both and will improve our backlink profile and rankings in Google.

It could be banners, text link or article exchange.  I am open to discussion with how you want to cooperate.

Please let me know if you are interested.  You can have a look at my website before you decide.

Yours sincerely,

Your request will be more genuine when you give the address of your own site.

  • Traffic Exchange – Traffic exchange websites are sites which you can join to perform some tasks and exchange for traffic to your site.  The tasks they give you could be visiting other members website or click on banners.  When you do these tasks, you will earn what they called credits. You can also earn credits by referring other people to join the traffic exchange. When you have enough credits, you can advertise your banners or exchange for clicks to your own website.  It is good for small businesses which can get advertising for free.  You can buy credits if you don’t have enough. Personally, I have not tried traffic exchange myself, but I will try it later. Some say it is good and some say don’t waste your time on it.  I think it depends on what kind of business you operate.  I will let you know later.  Here are several traffic exchanges you can use.
    Traffic Monsoon
  • Wikipedia – You can create articles on Wikipedia and get a link back to your website.  You don’t have to write the whole article; you can just do add-on or amendments.  Since Wikipedia is an authority site, so it will improve the ranking of your website by a lot.  You submit an article to be included in the “External Links” area.The catch is you have to learn how to do it.  I will show you an example.  I type in “mobile phone” in Wikipedia search, the scroll down to the External Links.
    Wikipedia external linkIf you put your cursor on “How Cell Phones Work” and you will see its URL is www.howstuffworks.com/cell-phone.htm.  You can create a similar article and submit to Wikipedia. It might not bring you any traffic, but you will get a higher ranking for this link.  Wikipedia is not the only website you can do that. Here is a list of high Page Rank sites on LoggingTips and Tricks. Where you can submit your articles.
  • Website Directories – you can submit your website name and URL to the website directories.  Some of them you have to pay, but there are some free ones. It will give you a backlink, but the power of the backlink would not be very good. Nevertheless, one more link is better than nothing.  I would not recommend you pay to get listed on these directory sites.  Here is a list of all the directory sites from Directory Critic.  It is a very time-consuming task, you might like to pay someone to do it for you if you don’t have time.  Directory submission is available at Fiverr for $5 per 30 sites.
  • Social Media – You should already know the power of Social Media.  You can post and give links back to your website and you can attract visitors to your website.  You have to post attractive and engaging contents.  Don’t spend too much time on Social Media, it is addictive and you forgot about the time when you are having fun.  I will post more detail articles later for each and every social media and teach you how to make use of social media to bring traffic back to your own website.Below is a nice video which talks about how to get traffic to your website.  He offers very good advice and tell you the power of Youtube videos.  He also shared a couple of methods that you might not know before.

  • Paid Advertising – There are plenty of paid advertising website out there.  Just remember if you can get your traffics for free, then you don’t need to pay for advertising.  It is very easy for beginners to lose money paying for advertising and get no result at the end.The main reason why they get no result is because of the landing page doesn’t convert.  It failed to turn visitors into buyers.  Therefore, don’t pay for advertising if you are not sure how good is your landing page.  If you want to try it out, do a trial run with a small budget.Below is a few of the Pay-per-click sites.

    Google AdWords
    Microsoft Ad Center
    Yahoo Publisher Network
    Ad Brite

    To learn how to write a good landing page.  You can read this good articles….https://vwo.com/blog/landing-page-copy-that-converts


These 10 methods I mentioned above are not the only methods which you could use to get traffic to your website.  Some people do off-line marketing with newspaper ads.  I know a guy who prints name cards to promote his online business.

If you are going to try these methods, do it one at a time.   Otherwise, you wouldn’t know what is working and why it works. When you are doing it one-by-one, you know which method is effective and which is not.

When you have mastered how to get traffic, you would have no problem with any niche and you will be able to make all the money you wanted.

You could try this “Automated Traffic“, a very popular product from Clickbank below if you still don’t know what to do.  Or if you have tried everything, but still no result.

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