When does my site rank in Google?

This is a common question asked by many beginners.  “When does my site rank in Google?” I will try to answer this question today.

The answer to this question is – No one knows.

There are many factors which affect the result of how high you rank and also when will you get the ranking you deserved.

Before we discuss what are the factors.  Let us check my website ranking using the keywords – Learn Affiliate Marketing (https://learnaffiliatemarketingonline.org).  Open up a new browser window and type “learn affiliate marketing”.  You will find my website on the first page.

This is just to show you that I do know how to rank my website on Google. It ranks among some big companies like Affilorama, Udemy and University of San Francisco.

A young child prays to God.

God, please give me a higher Google ranking. Amen.

Website ranking factors 

  1. Keywords
    The keywords that you are using is very important. If you have a low competition keywords, your site will rank higher and faster.  Because no one else is using this keywords, so Google will put your page first if you are the only one using this keywords.  Therefore, learning how to do keyword research is important.When doing keyword research, you need a good keyword tool.  You can try Jaaxy Keyword Tool for free. It is one of the best keyword tools.
  2. Age of the domain
    How old is your website is also important.  Google will rank a site higher simply because it is online for longer. Newer site ranking can go up and down more frequent than an older website. So you have to be a bit more patient when your website is new.
  3. On-site SEO
    When you are building your website, you have to understand how to use keywords on your pages and posts. Put the keywords as the title and also put it one more time in the first paragraph, it shows to Google that this is the keywords that you want to rank. Also, links your pages with one another by referring to other pages on your site.  For example, this link to Internal Links and SEO.
    Also, you have to add tags to your post and that will serve as your keywords.  It will be okay to add 1 – 3 tags, but not more.  Your images should also have your keywords on your image “Alt Text”.
  4. Contents and content length
    You need contents that people want to read. If you have good content on your website, people know about your content by word of mouth.  Some people called it Content Marketing, use good content as a bait to market your website.
    Learn how to write and learn about marketing as well, this knowledge will serve you well in a long run.
    The length of your articles is important as well.  There are studies which show that longer posts rank better.  A post with at least 1000 words is necessary.
  5. No of posts and pages
    You can rank your website using more keywords by adding more pages and posts.  For example, if you have 50 pages then you have 50 chances of getting a good ranking.  Not all of your pages will get a high rank.  If you can get some of your pages to rank high and it will be enough for you.
    Also, Google will give you a higher ranking if you have more content on your site.
  6. External links
    External links are links that other websites are pointing to you, they are referencing your content. You will have a higher ranking from Google when there are many other websites linking to you.  You can get links to your site using different methods. Examples are article submission, press release, directory website submission and social networks.


It is quite a complex issue to try to get a higher ranking on Google. Google’s ranking algorithm has over few hundred parameters, and they are always changing.  It is very hard trying to understand it all.

Because of the complexity, there are many companies set up to do SEO for their clients and they can charge thousand of dollars. They are called SEO agents.

My recommendation for you is to improve your website with the 6 factors above.  Also, if you have time, you should submit posts to your website more often.  Some people believe that if you are more active on your website, Google will give a better ranking.  I don’t know if this is true or otherwise.  But the bottom line is it will not hurt to do that with more content on your site.

If you cannot get your website to rank high by yourself and don’t despaired, there is always help.  Some people are very successful using pay advertising before they get ranked.

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