Wealthy Affiliate Improvements

Wealthy Affiliate has been changing for the better over the years since I joined in 2014. They have a few improvements. I still recall when I first joined. They would have some starter lessons – for people who first joined the program. Then when you sign-up as premium, you have more advance courses to go through.

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Now in 2020, they have built up a huge library of courses which might take you weeks and months to go through, plus they have live webinar every week. Where you can learn and ask questions for anything you don’t understand. It is a better format than just doing e-learning by yourself. In the webinar, other people could share their ideas on the subject and make it a better learning experience.

Besides learning, now Wealthy Affiliate has included an affiliate section. It give you affiliate programs of many companies which you can sign-up to and promote their products. The varieties are plenty, from clothing, shoes, fashion, gardening, books and many more. You don’t have to go and search on the internet like before when I first joined. It takes a lot of work to find a good company to join.

I will give you a few examples of companies that you can join:-

  • Peter Millar (Luxurious items)
  • Timberland (Clothing)
  • New Balance Athletic Shoe (Shoe)
  • Etihad Airways APAC (Airline)
  • Alibaba (online shopping)
  • Booking.com (travel)
  • Dymocks Books (Online bookshop)

There are many more you can choose from. Doesn’t matter which area you are interested in, you will sure find products which you can promote on your website.

They also put Jaaxy Keyword Tool on the website as well, so you don’t have to go and find your own keyword tools.

Now you can also purchase domain name within Wealthy Affiliate. It is like a one-stop shop where you can get everything for affiliate marketing – from start to finish.

  • pick a niche
  • do you keywords research
  • purchase domain name
  • design your website
  • build content
  • join affiliate programs
  • sit back and count your cash (I am joking, if it was this easy, everyone would be rich)

Furthermore, the website layout have improved as well. More user-friendly and easy to navigate.

The culture has not changed at all, friendly, helpful bunch of people.

If you are interested to learn affiliate marketing, I suggest you joined and have a look. It won’t cost you any money, it’s all free.

Click here to join Wealthy Affiliate.

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