What is the best affiliate program?

What is the best affiliate program?

When you first starting up, choosing the best affiliate program is critical to your success.  Many failed because they choose the wrong affiliate program.  Some may say choosing your niche is most important.  It is not always the case.  If you choose the right niche but you choose the wrong affiliate program, you will not make money.

Many people choose to join the famous Amazon Affiliate Program, thinking since Amazon is so popular they would be able to make money.  But they found out that it is not so easy.  They might be able to make a few dollars each month, but it would be disappointing when they have put in so much effort for just a few bucks.

So, how do you choose the best affiliate program which could make lots of money.

Here are some of the issues that you need to consider.

  • Price of product – on a high price product, you should have a higher commission. Don’t recommend product which is too cheap.  Otherwise, you will only make a few dollars even though you have sold thousands of items. Also, don’t try to do product which are too expensive where no one can afford to buy them and you have no sale.
  • Google Adsense Affiliate program – if you don’t have thousands of visitors everyday, don’t even bother doing it.  You might only make few cents a day.
  • Commission level – how many percent commission the merchant is giving you.  Amazon give only 4%-7%. When you sold something at $100, you will only get $4- $7 dollars – not very exciting.
  • Lifetime commission – some product give lifetime commission. As long as the customer stay and use the product, you will get your commission every month. For example, membership, online casino, share trading account and subscriptions, etc. These affiliate programs are the best programs since it is accumulative and your income will increase gradually. As compare to Amazon, it is only a one time sale if the customer don’t buy through your website again. No one can stop the customer going through to Amazon directly.
  • Is the merchant trustworthy – you have to do research to find out. There are some dodgy merchants who don’t pay you the commission, some charge a fee to start an affiliate account. Do they give you report for how much you sell each month?
  • Is the merchant too famous – where the brand name is too famous, customer will go directly to the store instead of looking up reviews.  You will be wasting your time trying to promote their products.

When choosing your niche you have to think of how much time you want to spend on the website.  Some niche are very time consuming, for example news, sports, latest trends and things that need updating all the time.  For these niches, your have to keep up with the latest development everyday and also update your website everyday.  Are you prepare to do that?  It will be a full-time job.

There are plenty of niches that you don’t have to update everyday.  This website is one of them.

Choosing your niche and choosing an affiliate program is the key to success in affiliate marketing.