Using two websites for same topic

Someone asked a good question today which is quite interesting.

Paul asked, “can I have two websites with a slightly different domain, and they promote the same niche?”

Jason replied, “it is not wise to have two websites promoting the same thing.  Because you need quite a bit of content to rank well with Google.  It is better to spend time concentrating on one website.”

Matthew replied, “I share the same opinion with Jason.  With two separate websites, you dilute your effort.  What you can do is create several pre-landing pages leading to the main landing page.  This is called A/B split testing model.  All roads lead to Rome.

You set up Google Analytics to track the traffic on different pages to see which one gives better conversion rate.  In this way, you can optimize and attract more prospects with the approach which you know work best.

Comment:  Let me explain what is “landing page”.  In layman’s term, it is the main web page that carries the intent advertisements.  It is the page that you want your visitors to land on.

In order to rank well in the search engines, a website needs to have a minimum of twenty pages of content.  Otherwise, Google will not give you a good ranking.  Some of the websites which rank in the first page have over a hundred pages of content materials.   Therefore, it will be very hard for you to produce so much material covering two websites.