Update My Website

Today, Jacob blogged – I have not updated my website.  He said, “I don’t know much about ranking and stuff like that.  I believe my website is dropping in ranking because I have not updated my website lately.

I have no problem getting a page one ranking in the beginning for the subject I was posting.  Although I have no financial gain with it, but I was happy to see the result of my efforts.

But now, my site’s ranking is not where it used to be and now return visitors are less than before. I think I know why – they have no reason to read the same material again.  I have to give them a reason to come back.  Either I have new content or I give them something free – a giveaway of some sort.

So when you create your website, you need to make it into a meeting place.  So they would love to return to see what you have for them from time to time.  Then you will be successful in your business.”

 My Comment

I don’t believe that his website drops in ranking is because of he didn’t have new contents.  He might just be lucky at the beginning that Google had given him a good ranking.  I noticed that Google like to rank new websites a bit higher than old ones. I think Google put in this unpredictable algorithm, so one one can be sure what is going to happen.

As time goes by, they will re-evaluate your website and give you a appropriate ranking depends on your content.  So that is why he gets a good ranking at the beginning, and drops in ranking later.

It is true that if he has continue adding new content, he might be able to keep his ranking.  But it is not definite.  It could be the niche he has is too competitive, the new comer has better content than him and they will out-rank him quickly.

He is correct to say that you need to give something to your visitor to come back for.  So, how you structure your website and what content you put in is very important.  If you have a shop, people will come back and buy from you when you have good product.

If your content is only good for one time, and there is no reason for them to come back if you don’t have fresh content.  So think about this – what product can you offer so they have a reason to come back?

If you have any idea on this subject, please leave me a comment below.