Traffic But No Sale

You have built a website and there are daily traffic but no sale.  What’s wrong?

Let me analyse it for you, then I will give you some suggestions on how to convert website traffic into sales.


First thing first, how much traffic is good traffic?

Some say the conversion rate is around 1~5 per 1000. There is no reason for you to get this low conversion rate if you have a very good website.  Getting 10% conversion is not un-reasonable.

A good website should have the following:-

  • A professional look
  • Appealing pictures
  • Error free, up-to-date and relevant content
  • Easy to navigate
  • Not too many advertising banners

When your website meets this basic requirement, you will have the 1~5 per 1000 conversion rate. Look at your own website and ask yourself “Do I have these basic elements?”

I know this is hard for you to review your own website because you built it yourself.  You must have thought it is good since you designed it.  If you cannot, just ask some of your friends to review the website for you.

Ask them two questions.

  1. If you are a customer visiting my website, would you buy from me?
  2. Give me the worst review that you can do, tell me every little thing that you don’t like.

After you fixed up your website, you should be able to convert some customers.

But if you want to further increase the conversion rate, there are ways to improve it.

Engaging Website Content

To have content which could engage with your audience, you need to understand them.  You have to get into their mind.  You need to answer the questions that they would like to know. This is the essence of marketing.

To be able to write engaging posts, you have to learn how to write in a marketing way.  What does it mean by “write in a marketing way?”

Let me give you an example.  If you are selling cars.  You don’t just tell your prospect buyers the specification of the car and expect them to buy the car.  Most people don’t know anything about the specification and they don’t care.

What they do care are:-

  • does this car suits me?
  • do I look good in this car?
  • is it value for money?
  • does it do the job?

These are the questions that you need to answer on your website.

Let have another example.  If you are promoting a make money online program.  This is the most popular niche ever.  Who don’t want to make more money?

Same as the last example, you don’t just list out the features, benefits, and cost of the program.  Of course, you do need these details, but put it in another page or location and put a link to it.  So if they want to find out more, they could click on the link.

What you should tell them:-

  • how much money they could make.
  • they can be successful.
  • they can be the master of their own destiny and no long need to work for others.
  • they deserve all the success after joining your program

Marketing is to understand people and know what they desired.  You will be able to get the business if you can give your customers what they want.  That is called “customer focus”.

Customer focus

To be customer focus, you will need to know:-

  • what do they like?
  • what they want to hear?
  • what is the benefit for them?
  • how do you get them to trust you?
  • how to talk to them?

You might have to re-write all your articles.  It would be a daunting task, but it will be worthwhile.

One more thing, you have to write longer articles with eye catching titles.  Then they will be suck into buying from you. When you have longer articles, it shows them that you really understand the topic.  You become the expert, the authority and they will start to trust you.  You will be able to build a good relationship with your customers.

Good relationship will bring sales.

The mistake that most beginners made, they are too eager to sell.  They don’t understand sale begins with trust, and trust will become relationship, then relationship bring sales.

Would you buy from someone you don’t trust?

Here you go.