Clickbank Affiliate Training Course

Clickbank is one of the most popular and profitable vendors on the internet.  It is a good company to join when you first started with affiliate marketing.  It is because they offered some good Clickbank Affiliate Training Course.  I will share the videos here with you and I have summarized the content of each video with you. So you can skip taking note when you are watching the videos.

Choose Your Niche


  • Spend more time in your research.  Don’t just jump in and start promoting products immediately.
  • Pick something you are interested.
  • Do people spend money in this niche?
  • Are there products to promote?
  • Four big categories, hobbies, passions, problem and trends.
  • Your goal is to become an authority in the niche, so join forums and socialize with other affiliates.
  • Resources to find your niche, magazines, books and community groups, etc.  Most common tools that we use are keyword tools.
  • Narrow down your niche and goes 2 steps deep.  If the niche is too board, there will be too many competitions.

Build Your Platform


  • The reason why you want to build your own platform.
    1. You have control yourself when you have your own website.
    2. Easier to build trust and reputation. People will trust you more.
    3. It is the easiest path to success. You can build authority with your website.
  • The platform should be your own website and use Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Forum to send traffic to your own website.  Don’t use all of these, only use one or two in the beginning.
  • Four steps in building your platform
    1. Create a brand and your own style.
    2. Get a domain and hosting.  Buy your own domain and don’t use a free one.
    3. Create your blog.  Wordpress is the best choice for normal bloggers. Choose a good theme.
    4. Build a mailing list as quickly as you can.

Grow Your Audience


  • Do your research, find out who is your audience.
    • Ask yourself these questions
      1. Why are they coming to you?
      2. Why should they listen to you? What can you offer?
      3. How to write great content?  Honest, offer value, use multiple formats, short and results-oriented.
      4. Have a personality.
      5. Build a brand.
  • Rookie Mistakes
    1. Don’t try to monetize from day one, build your audience first.
    2. Add value to the community.
      • participates in forums.
      • be active in Facebook groups.
      • guest post on blogs in your niche.
      • attend events and conferences.
      • link out to other valuable resources/sites.
  • Stay in contact with your list.
    • share good information and resources.
    • ask questions that you can use to better serve them.
    • add value and share before promoting products to them.

The secret to affiliate success is CONSISTENCY.

Promote Products


  • Only promote what you believe in.
  • Different ways to promote through your platform.
    • Banner Ads.
    • Promotions to your list or social media.
    • Product reviews.
    • Bonuses and offers.
    • Recommended Page.
    • In-content referrals.


There are few good reasons why you want to promote Clickbank products

  1. They sell mostly digital products which customers cannot get elsewhere, so they have to buy it online.
  2. Clickbank is a trustworthy company and they have a good reputation.
  3. They offer good support and training to their affiliates which are better than most companies.
  4. Their commission is one of the highest. Therefore, you make more money per sale.
  5. A huge product range in different market sectors. Including the most popular healthy and fitness, gaming, gardening and self improvements.