How to Write Blog Post Faster

Blog posts and content are the most important part of your website.  You need to have fresh content often to get people to come back to your website often. Sometimes it is very difficult to come up with new idea often, your content has to be interesting and relevant to the subject.

How to write blog post faster is critical to our success.  Then we have more time to do other productive activities.  Like me, I maintenance a few websites, so time is very important to me.

1. You need to know when your brain works best.  Some people like to work in the morning and some like to do that at night.  You have to allocate the appropriate time which suits you.  For me, whenever the idea comes to my mind, it is the time to do some work, that is why I don’t have any schedule or timetable.

It is not feasible for everyone.  If you have children, you want to send them to bed before you do your work.  One method is to write down your idea on a notebook if you do not have time.


2. Do not use spell checker when you are writing.  Because it will hinder the flow of your thought.  You should finish your article before you do spell and grammar check.  Then you will spend less time writing your article, because you don’t have to stop to correct your mistakes.  So don’t stop even when you know you have typed something wrong, there is always time to go back to it later when you have finished writing.

Also don’t format your paragraph (heading and highlighting) while you are writing, do it at the end.

3. Write a plan on how to present your idea.  A logical flow always help, it help you to present your idea logically and also it help the reader to grasp what you are trying to tell them.  The planning do not have to be in detail, as long as it follow a logical flow.

4. Avoid any distractions. You can turn off the radio or TV when you are writing.  Do not log on to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and any other social media, so that you will not be distracted when you received new message.  Locking yourself in a windowless room might be the best idea.

This is not a must for everyone.  Some people can work in a noisy environment, and some like to listen to music while they work.  You have to choose something which work best for you.

5. Do you research first before you start writing.  I found if I don’t have all the information, it will generally take more time to write since I have to browse the internet for materials.  It will help when you have all the details before you write, you can plan your article better this way.

There are many sources you can use for your research.  I like watching Youtube videos, other websites, books and magazines.  Which will give me lots of ideas.

Sometimes if you cannot come up with new ideas, you might want to take a break and relax a bit.  Overworking is a killer for ideas.  I found that I have more ideas when I am not sitting in front of my computer.

6. If you like to talk more than typing, dictation machine is a good tool that you can use.  Just speak to the dictation machine when you are ready, and type it down when you have time.

If you are a talkative person, may be you can choose to create Youtube video to promote your affiliate program instead of building a website.


You can buy a transcription machine as show above or you can use your ipod, ipad or computer to do it.  But a dictation machine is surely better.  It pick up your voice better and you don’t need a headphone on some models.

You have to understand yourself and how you like to do things.  There are no rules and everyone is different. But one thing is definite, good content will lead to success.  So be creative.