How to make money with Tsu

Before I tell you how to make money with Tsu, I need to tell you something you need to know.  If you are looking to make quick money, Tsu is not for you.  Like most of the other social networks, you will have to build up your own network of followers before you could make decent money and it takes time.  You need to be a content creator yourself and think about what you can contribute to the community.

Making money shouldn’t be your only reason to join Tsu.  You should enjoy socializing with other people and also want to make a few friends.  It is great to socialize and make a little bit of money as well.  Or perhaps, you want to use this platform to promote your own business.

What is Tsu?

Tsu is a social network, similar to Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. The only different is you are paid to post your content, whereas you make nothing posting in the other networks.  Same as the other social networks, you can friend or follow other members and you can also send private messages to them.

You can post photos, links, text and videos. It is very easy to use and the screen layout is very user-friendly and pleasing to the eyes. Tsu was launched in October 2014 and now they have a few million members so far and it is still growing.

How do you make money on Tsu?

Tsu shares up to 90% of their revenues with its members and that is where your earnings come from. They have an algorithm which calculates how much you earn when you post.  Below is a diagram which gives you the details.

Tsu earning algorithm

As you can see, if you want to make more money you have to grow your network.  The more people you invite and more money your make.

How to grow your network by inviting other people to join?

When you joined, you are given a username (or called shortcode).  It is in the format of  You can email this link and invite your friends to join.  Or you can share the link in your own website, Twitter, Facebook or Google+ account and invite other people to join in your network.

If you want to join now.  Here is my link: ← click to join.

Your success and how much you make depends on how big is your network.  Also, how good are your contents.

What is the best kind of post for Tsu?

To give you an example of how a post looks like; here is one of my posts.

my tsu post

There are 35 people who liked it, 3 comments on it and 1 re-shared it.  You will make more money as more people like, comment and share it.

I learned that the most popular posts are, photos of scenery, funny pictures, and animals.  You can experiment with different kinds of content and see which one does best.  Tsu has an analytics tool which shows you the results for each one of your posts.  Below is the screen shot of the summary on some of my posts.

Tsu analytic


You will know what kind of post will be better and you can create more of them and get more people to like, then more money.

Some good social network guidelines – tips for success

Here are some guidelines that you can follow to improve your social skills.  These guidelines can be used on other social networks as well and will improve your potential to make money.

  • You need to engage in the community.  Like other people’s post, comment and share their posts.  Don’t just post your own and leave.  I found the more you like and comment on their posts, they will return the favour and like yours.
  • When commenting, give more meaningful comment.  Others will notice you and will follow you.
  • Post your own original materials, don’t copy others.  It is an infringement and it is illegal on the internet. You can make similar ones, but don’t steal from others.  You can have 45 posts per day.
  • Be friends with those who give comments and share.  This in what I noticed, some members are more willing to comment and share.  If you have more friends who share and comment your posts, you make more money.  So pick the good ones as your friends.  You can have a maximum of  5000 friends.
  • Set up your profile properly, give more thinking to it.  It is a first impression of who you are.
  • Create high-quality contents, like pictures and photos.  Try to post in English, I found people don’t engage if they don’t know your language.
  • Spend time to grow your network.  Engage and communicate with people in your network.  Their success is your success.
  • Make friends with other, don’t just use it as a tool to make money.  The money will come when you enjoy using Tsu.
  • Develop you own style and personality.  The type of content and how you engage with other people.
  • Follow the rules of Tsu.  You can find the details at


There are monies to be made in all social media networks.  I have all the information you need on my website.  Free feel to look around.

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