How to buy a website and start an online business

You don’t have to build a website from scratch.  There is an easier way to start an online business by buying an already established website. I will show you how to buy a website, what kind of website should you buy and also what you need to know when buying a website.

Where to buy a website?

The #1 place to buy a website online is  I have bought 2 websites on Flippa and I found them to be very good.  Also, their customer services are very quick and responsive.  The websites are listed in an orderly fashion.

They give you all the details of the website which includes:-

  1. At a glance – which tells you how old is the website, what platform is it build on and also does the website has unique content and unique design.
  2. Seller’s Notes – a description of the website by the seller.  Why is it worth the money they ask for and why you wants to buy it.
  3. Site Info – which includes date established, who is the domain registrar, site uniqueness, how many pages of content been index by Google  and also the Alexa Rank.

Besides the basic info listed above, some seller will give more details.

  1. The reason for selling the website.
  2. Proof of the website’s earning and income.
  3. What is the business model and how money is made.
  4. Reviews and comment of the seller by past customers.
  5. The amount of website traffic.
  6. How much money they make.

At the end, there is a comment section and you can ask the seller questions.

What kind of website should you buy?

There are several factors which determine which kind of websites you should buy.  Some websites need more maintenance and some are fully automatic and you don’t have to do anything on the website, so it depend on your own lifestyle and schedules.

  • Can you run this website – this is the most important question you need to ask yourself.  If you cannot run the website, you shouldn’t buy it.  Also, do you understand the business behind this website?
  • How much can you afford – only you can decide. You have to analyze how much the website should worth.  Generally, an established website which is making money – it is worth between 6 months to a year’s profit.
  • The history of the seller – if the seller has a better rating then you should have no problem.  Some of them have 100% positive reviews from buyers, you know they will give you good service.
  • Do you know how to improve the website – you will be planning to make the website better after you bought it.  Therefore, you will be able to make more money in the future. You need to have a plan or at least a rough idea on how you can make the website better and to get more traffic to the site.
  • Ask questions – read the sales page carefully and ask the seller everything you don’t understand. If the website is very expensive, tell the seller to give you the proof of the revenue.  One way to verified the traffic is to ask the seller for their Google Analytic Account, so you can see the real data.

What should you look for?

There are thousands of websites listed and it takes a long time to search through all of them and find the right one.  You can put in filters with a $Min price and a $Max price range. Or you can type in a keyword to search.

Generally, you look at the websites with the niche that you are interested.  It is best to pick established sites which has proven traffics and which are making money.  Websites which has no traffics will take longer to get traffic and also you would not know if you can make money on it.  So it is worth paying a bit more money for sites which has proven traffic and/or proven revenue.

Before you decide to buy, have a look at the actual website and see if you like what you see.  Like I said earlier, could you make the website better?


Buy an already established website will make your life much easier.  It is a good way to start affiliate marketing.  You don’t have to design it from scratch.  Some websites are already generating income for you and very soon, you will make your money back.

Besides the purchase price of the website, you have to add hosting expense on the price.  Most web-hosting company charge around $5/month to host your site.  If you can, leaving the website on the same host, just transfer ownership will be quickest and easiest.

Some website has a Buy-it-now (BIN) bonus.  You should take a screen shot of the BIN bonus after you bought the website and double check afterwards to check if the seller has given you what they promised.

Your knowledge of building website and affiliate marketing

My advice to you.  Before you jump right in and buy your first website, you should learn how to build a website first.  Also, you have to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing.  You don’t want to be in a situation where you don’t know what to do after you have bought the website.

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