How to Build a Profitable Website

“How to build a profitable website?” You want to know because your website is not making money.  You want to know what is going on.  Why your website has very little traffic?

At times like this. You can get someone to do a check up on your website to see what you have done wrong.  It will cost you couple of thousand dollars, but you don’t have the money.  I am going to teach you how to analysis your own website and also give you an example of a profitable website.

So that you can compare your own website with my example.  You will understand what needs to be done.

There are a few major factors in the profitability of a website.

  • Niche
  • Traffic
  • Conversion
  • Website layout and aesthetic.

I will discuss with you the above factors according to my example.  I hope you have two screens, you can open up this website – and my webpage side by side.  So you can follow my discussion.

I will tell you how I discovered this website.  A week ago, I was on (A site where people sell and buy websites and domains.) I was looking to buy a website and I saw this website listed.  I did some research on it to see if it worth buying.

I found that this website ranked 1 on Google search term “boyfriend pillow”.  It ranks better than some of the big names, eBay, Amazon and Etsy.  It is amazing.  I have to find out why.

You can open up the website and have a look.  They have only 3 pages of content.

  • Homepage – We all need a hug sometimes
  • Pregnancy Pillow & Maternity Pillow
  • About

I know that this website is making money because the seller has to disclose the website income.  So buyers can decide how much it will worth.  Generally, you are expected to pay monthly income x 12, that is the income for one year. It was making roughly $30 per month.  So, the price of this website is worth at least $360. (What do you think? 3 pages of content and makes $30 a month – you wish you could do that, isn’t it?)

Now, let us analyse why it is making money.


This is a highly focus micro niche.  The website only promotes one kind of pillows – boyfriend pillows.  Before I saw this website, I have never heard of boyfriend pillows before. One of the reasons why it ranks so well because of it is country-focus.  Only in Australia (I don’t know if you search in America, what position it will rank on Google.)

It shows that picking a very small niche is a good idea for easy success.  Australia is a very small country population wise.  If you live in the USA, you can pick a niche for a state or a county.  That is a benefit for people who lives outside of USA, they can have a dot country website (e.g. .in, .ca or .fr).


The design is nice and simple.  The color is feminine because the customers would all be women.  The look is clean and easy to the eyes.


Since it ranks in the first position, there will be no problem with search traffic.  I have read the home page article very carefully.  It is a piece of fantastic marketing article. Let’s delve deeper into the text.

In the first few sentences, it tells you why you need a boyfriend pillow.

Then, it says boyfriend pillow is the next hottest craze.  (Boyfriend pillows are popular.)

After that, we have teamed up with the most respected online retailers.  (This is a retailer you can trust.)

We can give the best price and fastest shipping to your door.  (Good price and fast shipping.)

The green “Buy Online Now” button.  Call to Action.

Can you see the steps it is building up to?

From need – popular – trust retailer – best price – fast shipping – call to action. 

This is a genius piece of artwork.  There is no surprise that why this website is making money. It is what we called  a sales page, with “Call to actions” in between sections of text. Next time when you see a sales page like this, pay attention to what they say and learn something from it. A good sales page will cost you a thousand dollars written by a professional.


They must have done some work on social media to promote the website. It won’t be a lot since they have not done any more work to add contents.


This example shows that to rank a website, you don’t need a lot of content.  When you are picking a micro niche, there will be fewer competitors.  Hence, it will be easier for you to rank your site.  Also focusing on a small area, Australia in this case, you will be able to capture the market.

At the end, the website was sold for $500.  I didn’t buy it because to own an Australian website, you need to register as a business.  I don’t want to do all those paperwork. This website is a good buy and has good potential to make more money, $500 is a small price to pay for a good website like this.

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