Good Business Practice

You need to maintenance a good business practice.  Some people lost their website and months of work gone within seconds because they have not done any backup.  Imagine how much time and effort you have lost if it happens.

Here are a few good business practices I use to protect my asset and also to make my work more efficient.

1. Backup your entire hard drive

You need to back up all the content of your hard drive at least once every two weeks.  It is valuable if your computer suddenly stops working.  With the backup, you can restore your computer quickly.  One of the good backup tools I use is Norton Ghost.  You can also use Windows OS backup program which comes with Windows 7 and Windows 8.

2. Backup your websites

Doesn’t matter how many websites you have, you need to backup the websites one by one.  In WordPress, you click Tools – Import, the content will be saved to your computer.  Then you can backup the files to an external drive.  If you do not like to backup the entire hard drive, at least, you will have to do this.

This backup should be run every time you create fresh content.  It doesn’t take long to do it.  You don’t want to lose hours of work when something goes wrong.


3. Keep your passwords

I keep a text document files for all my passwords.  Basically, you write down the company name, your user account name and the password you create.  It is a very handy tool and I keep the file on my desktop, so I could refer to it.

You can also put some of the things that you need to remember, like date and other company information. I know you can request the password to be sent to you again, but you are wasting time doing that.

4. Keep a record or accounts

You need to keep records of your expense and income.  It is a legal requirement.  Your country has its own tax law, so keeping this record is a much.  At the end of the financial year, you need this information to fill in your tax submission.

You can have tax refund if you are not making money, especially when you are first starting out in the first year.

5. Have a second screen

I use a laptop with a second screen.  It is very convenience, especially when I want to copy and paste some picture or text.  I keep the edit screen open on my laptop and I use the other screen to search for information on the internet.

It is so much better than switching application back and forth.  My 24 inches screen allows me to open 2 more windows on it. You can use one for social media and keep up the conversation with your friends.

6. Keep an idea notebook

I keep all my new ideas in a notebook and keep it on the side of my bed.  I write down the idea when I have them.  New ideas come and go, if you don’t write it down, you will not remember them.