Get Google Ranking with Comment

Get Google Ranking with Comment

Today Peter posted on Wealthy Affiliate.  He said he don’t have time to post new content all the time, but he can keep his page one and you can do the same and get Google ranking with comments.

He said, “It is good if I could find the time to post new content every day, but due to my busy schedule, I am not able to do that.  That is the best way of running a business online. But there is another way that you can achieve this.  By creating more comment.”

“Comment will be seen by Google as social content.  Therefore, you can get a high ranking when you have more comments, which will give your website authority as people are engaged with you and your content.”

He continued, “Good comments need to be related to the articles.  Comments like, “I like your website.” Won’t be any good, they have to be at least 40-50 words.  It shows that your visitors are reading your articles and they are responding to your ideas.”

My comment on this issue:

It is true that comment is good for the ranking of our websites.  But people tend not to leave comments; only a small percentage of them do.  It is easy said than done.  Unless you are already the authority on this subject and you have been in this business for quite some time.

To a newcomer, this information doesn’t help anyone.

How do you generate and get more comments?


There are several ways.

1. Post on social media every day to attract visitors to your website, and tell them you like to have some comments.  Some people will give you what you want when you asked.

2. Get your friends to give you comments.

3. You can order a Fiverr blog comment, for $5 you can get someone to write 10 quality comments on you website.

4. There is one way I don’t like myself, but some do use it.  Sometimes when you received spam, you can edit and rewrite it into a good comment.  If you are really desperate.

5. Leave comments on other people websites and ask for comment in return. When you do this, it is best to target new websites.  Those who already rank well will probably ignore your request.  You should choose a website which targets the same or similar niche.  Or else it will not help your ranking.

Two important things when replying to visitors comments.

  1. Write a longer comment with reference to the particular post where the comment is.
  2. You can put in links pointing to your other page/post.  Preferably, your major funnelling post.