Two and a half months

Today there is an interesting question that someone posted in Wealthy Affiliate.  He wants to know why he hasn’t made any money yet in two and a half months since he joined.

Aaron said, “I am still looking for my first money.  I have built my website and got me some traffic.  There are some good keywords I have used in my website.  Also I have learnt how to put images in my pages and it looks cool.  But why I have made nothing yet?”

Peter replied, “I visited your website and I think you have made some really good progress.  You have some excellent content.  However there is one thing I noticed that is a bit confusing.  You have all sorts of information.  In one area, you have information for romantic eBooks.  When I scrolled down and I found you have posted some of your favorite recipes.  I will give these great recipes a try.

Your content is not focus on the “making money online” niche that was written on your blog title.  Also, in your about me page that you said you are suppose to be doing – is to show people how to make money online.

I noticed that you have great talent with words.  I think you have to narrow your target and focus on the “making money online” niche.  Then you should be able to see some increase in traffic and revenue will come in.

Like myself, I constantly want to explore some other new areas or talk about other topics.  But I figured I should build a new website if I want to do that.  All the best and success, good luck!”


Dominic replied, “for me I looked at it as a hobby with potential to make money.  I am having fun with what I am doing.  If I could not make any money, I will still enjoy the ride and learn as much as I could.  My first sale was from a friend of mine.”

My observation:

So you see, Aaron did very well on building his website, but he didn’t know how to focus on his topic.  When someone clicked on his website, their intention was to find a way to “make money online”.  Instead, they saw some cooking recipes, then they will leave.  They thought -this guy doesn’t even know what he is doing.  How would he teaches me how to make money?

I like Dominic’s approach to learning how to affiliate marketing.  You have to enjoy what you are doing.  I believed Dominic would be very successful later on.  Since it is something he like to do and he will do well.