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There are many companies which give you the facility to create your own website free.  Be aware that some of the web hosting sites do put ads on your website, when you have over certain number of visitors per month.

It is very difficult to choose because there are so many of them.  When you are choosing, you have to consider the following factors:

1. How much does it cost?

Most of them are free initially, but for a limited time.  Some are free forever, you can have the website as long as you want.  If you want to upgrade, how much does it cost?

2. What platform do they use?

Platform is the software that you used to build your website.  The most popular ones are WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr.  I have used Blogger and WordPress, and I think WordPress is more user friendly.  They over a number of free theme (template).

3. How much space they offer you?

The storage space might be up to 2GB.  With for example, you can have up to 500MB.  Bloggers offered 1GB.

4. How many websites you are allow to have?

Like Siterubix, you are allowed to have 2 websites.  With Weebly, you can have 10 websites.

5. Is the company trustworthy?

You need to join someone you can trust.  I heard some stories that some web hosting company disallow someone to log on to their own site.  When the website becomes so popular, they hijacked the website for themselves.  It is terrible when you have spent many hours working to build it up.

6. Is the web hosting stable and reliable?

You don’t want to join a company whose website is not stable.  You could lose all your data if their website goes down.  All that hard work that you done on your website is gone forever.  Good hosting company will backup their data regularly without you doing anything, but doing a weekly backup yourself is a good practise.

7. Do they offer good support?

If you are stuck with something, are you able to get the support you need?  How long will it takes for someone to answer your question?  You don’t want to wait for 3 or 4 days before you got an answer.  In this respect, no one could compare to Wealthy Affiliate.

8. Do they offer training?

Not many of them offer training, except Siterubix is the only one I know of.  It is most valuable when you first starting out.  It will save you tons of time trying to figure out what to do.


With regards to all the factors above, I recommend (Wealthy Affiliate).  The reason is they are the only one who offers you good training and good support.  Even though they only provide 2 websites for free.  But they are trustworthy and the hosting is reliable.

Not only will the support team answer your questions.  They have a good community of members who are very willing to help anyone.  I found their team spirit is second to none.

Not only will they teach you how to build a website, they teach you how to build your online business.  Knowing how to building website is only part of the requirement you need in building a successful and profitable online business.  So my advice is, don’t just learn how to build website.  Learn how to build an online business and you will be able to improve your financial future.

If you want more detail, you can click here for the Wealthy Affiliate Review.

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