Choose Website Keywords – A Disappointment

Danny posts a blog on Wealthy Affiliate today.  “I chose the wrong website keywords for my site,” he said.  “I bought a new logo, a new WordPress theme, a domain name and plugins….., etc.  Then I found out that the keyword domain name that I chose is very hard to rank.”

“I checked the first page in Google search, the Website Keywords I chose have some very strong brand name, authority sites.  How is it possible to compete with them?”

“I am very disappointed; I should have done my homework properly.  I feel like I am wasting my time.”

“Do you have any thoughts on it, please share?”


Here are the suggestions from other Wealthy Affiliate members.

  • You can still do well.  You can look at what they have in these authority sites.  Use your own words and write some articles which are better than what they have.
  • Use you own unique style for your articles, which will engage with your visitors.
  • Don’t worry.  You have the knowledge and first-hand experience on the products.  Your first-hand knowledge means everything.  This is what your readers want to know; a quality recommendation before buying the product.
  • It is still too early to tell. You haven’t had enough content on your website yet.  Try your best and make it as best you can.
  • A personal touch and genuine knowledge are more important than brand name.  That’s the difference between you and the big brands,  it is your winning edge – get personal.

My view on this subject.

I  have looked at the keywords he is using.  There are 215 competing sites and the monthly searches are 333.

The keywords he chooses is okay, it has a reasonable monthly search.  The products he is promoting is in a very specific niche market.  The personal touch is a good suggestion.

Although it will be very hard to get good ranking for the keywords he chose, but like other members said, “it is still too early to tell.”  He needs to put in a lot of effort and build up his website; write more good quality posts.

Quality posts are the main ingredient in the success of a website.

When he has enough content on the website.  There are other ways that he can use to improve his website ranking, e.g. he can subcontract SEO works, promote on social media and use advertising, etc.

Beside domain name is not important in ranking – it was important in the past, but not anymore. Content is the most important element of a website, Content Is King.

Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  So don’t give up so early.