The Best Affiliate Programs

There are many affiliate programs online and it is very hard to find the right one.  I am going to give you a couple of suggestions on the best affiliate programs.  There are many vendors online and each one has a different commission scheme.  Some companies pay more than others.

The most popular affiliate programs you know are Amazon, Clickbank, ShareASales, and eBay, etc.  Some sell physical products and Clickbank sells digital products.  The commission they offer is only a few percents of the selling price.  Clickbank offers the highest commission, some products are up to 50%.  I have introduced Clickbank in my previous article – Clickbank Affiliate Training Course.  You can refer to the article for more details.

Any affiliate program which offers physical products is just a one-time sale.  Once the customer knows about the vendor, they might buy from the vendor directly next time.  You will not be able to make any money from the same customer again unless you have a loyal customer who likes you a lot. Who keep coming back to your website.  Therefore, these affiliate programs are not the best.

What makes the best affiliate programs

  • Which gives you lifetime commission.
  • A high commission per sales.
  • Have a good affiliate support system.
  • A genuine and trustworthy company.

The companies I listed above (Amazon, ShareASales, Clickbank and eBay) have one factor which is missing to be the best affiliate program.  They are nevertheless good affiliate programs and you can make money with them.  They don’t give you lifetime commission.

Best affiliate program – my #1 recommendation

My first recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate.  Click here to join.  Why is it the best affiliate programs?

Wealthy Affiliate is a company who gives very good training on affiliate marketing.  Their training is second to none and they are a trustworthy company who offers a genuine product.

When you refer people to join, you will earn a commission.  It is not a one-time commission.  As long as the person you referred stay as a premium member, you will earn monthly or yearly income.  The money will keep coming in every month without you doing anything more.

Here is the pay-table.

wealthy affiliate affiliate program

It is a very generous scheme.  Think about how much you can earn when you introduce more people and also you can learn how to make money online.  Earn while you learn, what more could you ask for? Click here to join

(Note: if you join as a premium, you will receive full commission as shown above.  You can also as a free member, but your commission will be half of that.)

To learn more about Wealthy Affiliate, you can read my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Best affiliate program – my #2 recommendation

My #2 recommendation is online casino affiliate program.  It has the same benefit as Wealthy Affiliate, they pay lifetime commission. As long as the customer you referred to the online casino keep playing and you keep making money.

Millions and millions of dollars are spent in online casinos every month, there are lots of money to be made as an affiliate. You can join this lucrative business by clicking on the links below.

I have prepared for you a few online casino programs you can join.

  1. 32Red Online Casino Affiliate Program, it is one of the best online casinos.  They have a few sister casinos, Roxy Palace Casino, Nedplay Casino, Golden Lounge Casino, Dash Casino and Splendido Casino.
    Affiliate Program - 32Red Affiliates
  2. Global Live Casino Affiliate Program – Another trustworthy online casino.
    Click here to join Global Live Casino Affiliate Program.

3. NextCasino Affiliate program – They have a sister casino called Casino Luck.
Click here to join Next Casino Affiliate Program.

When you are signing up to casino affiliate programs, make sure you do research on the company.  Don’t just join anybody who asked you.  There are many online casino operators who are not trustworthy – we called them “rogue casinos”.  These rogue casinos often don’t release the money for the winning, they have very bad customer service which takes a long time to response to any queries, they confiscate player’s money without reasons or they have some ridiculous terms & conditions.


Once you have established yourself with the above affiliate programs I suggested.  You will be able to make good money and the best part is, these are lifetime commissions.  You will be making more and more money in the years to come.

If you like to have a look at my casino website.  Here is the link: